I Am Happy To Be Me

"I Am Happy To Be Me" A simple spoken word poem by Dawn Nocera I AM HAPPY TO BE ME I am the me I’ve always wanted to be.  I am happy to be me. I may not be the me that you want me to be, but I AM happy to be me. I may not be the me [...]

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Activating Entrepreneurial Abundance

Activating Entrepreneurial Abundance What is Entrepreneurial Abundance? In the outer world, entrepreneurial abundance is having an abundance of:  Time.Money.Paying clients or customers.Support In your inner world, entrepreneurial abundance is about having an abundance of: Energy to do what you want to do with your time & money, and with your business and your life.Awareness of who you are, and who [...]

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An Eagle Came to Visit

The past week I've been dancing with the consciousness and ideas of freedom. I've been celebrating my own freedom and being compassionate as others seem to grapple to find financial freedom without risking their creative freedoms.  I've been feeling how deeply feminine freedom truly is. And then yesterday, this beautiful BALD EAGLE came to bathe in the Olentangy River that [...]

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Renegade Rebel or Sovereign Maverick?

"On one hand I want to do my right work with the right people.  On the other hand I don't.  What if I do it and I change my mind and I don’t like it?  And I’m stuck?"   Can you relate?   Here is another....   "On one hand I want to do the work I feel called to do.  On [...]

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