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Feeling Impatient Getting Your Work Out To The World?

Getting Your Work Out

I’ve been home from China for almost 2 weeks after traveling with my husband and our two youngest children.  I’m finally feeling like my luminary self again, back on my luminary path activating wealth and wisdom wherever I go. I’m enjoying a nice cool glass of water and I wanted to share some wisdom about getting your work out that might help you this week as you travel your luminary path.

Trust the Timing

One of my clients was recently telling me about the many possibilities and opportunities that are on the horizon for her.  As she shared the really amazing things that keep coming her way,  I could feel her impatience and frustration that all of these things were still ‘on the horizon’ in the space of possibility and not yet manifest and made real.  Within the conversation she also mentioned that she thinks she may have a money block that is keeping her from taking more action.

Have you ever felt like that?   Have you ever felt impatient with the timing of things and thought that you must have a block that is stopping you from taking action as you share your deepest wisdom with the world?

Trust You are on Your Path

As luminary leaders, teachers, and guides we sometimes feel like we are off our path if things aren’t moving as quickly as we’d like.   Sometimes we have a vision or a glimpse of what is to come, who we are meant to work with next, the growing impact of our message, the expanding ripple effect of our luminary work and we think the next step is to get into massive action in order to manifest it all as soon as possible.

Trust. Then Trust Some More!

I’ve been here many times.  It is always uncomfortable for me.   It feels like there is something I’m supposed to be doing, but I just can’t put my finger on it.  I think if someone would just tell me exactly what to do (the full plan, not the teeny tiny next step) I’d be able to get back on my path and hit the ground running!

This actually happened to me a few days after returning from China. Staying where I was or moving forward at the pace I was going, was no longer comfortable or even acceptable.   I could feel a calling to something more expanded, more significant, maybe even more authentic, and I wanted to answer that call sooner than later.  A major theme in my life seems to be spiritual impatience.

Ask for Support

For myself I’ve learned to ask for support from my dearest friends and mentors, those that I trust with my soul’s purpose when I begin to feel spiritually impatient.  I’m still learning.  It took me over 24 hours to reach out this time, in the past it may have taken weeks or months.  I remember holding my breath for an entire year one time.   I’m exaggerating, but you get the picture.

There are no accidents that my clients shared all of her ‘good fortune’ with me.  I let her know what I was experiencing as she talked.  I shared how I felt, and I asked her if any of it resonated with what she was feeling.   She confirmed that although all this was coming her way, she was feeling impatient and uncomfortable going at a snails pace.

Get Comfortable with Divine Discomfort

Barbara De Angelis, calls this “Divine Discomfort.”  Yup, that is what it feels like to me.  It is also no accident that I was just listening to Barbara’s book, Soul Shifts on the way home from taking my oldest daughter to college the day before.

Remember who you really are.

Here is the wisdom I’ve learned over the years that I want to share.  When we feel that divine discomfort, disappointment, and even divine dissatisfaction, we haven’t gone off our luminary path.   We are still on it, but our Higher Self is trying to remind us of something important about who we are before we take more action.

Our Higher Self is always trying to remind us who we really are.

And another thing, the blocks we think we have are not really blocks. They are soul revealing reminders.    The divine discomfort and dissatisfaction is an invitation to go a little deeper, look not for the block but for the portal into remembering WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

It can be extremely difficult to try to interpret what our Higher Self is trying to remind us, however when we allow ourselves to share as authentically as possible with a trusted friend, mentor, or guide, it is much easier to find the opening that reveals what is inviting us to go deeper.

There Are No Guarantees

There is no guaranteed answer as to what your Soul is trying to reveal or remind you.  The wisdom I want to share is that outer action is not always soulution when you feel agitated at a soul level.  The soulution is to remember who you are, to regain your soul center, and align with your higher self before the opportunities manifest.  This helps you sustain the higher vibrational frequencies that the opportunities bring with them.

I have learned to appreciate the feeling of divine discomfort, and to appreciate myself for who I am and what I activate even when I’m not doing anything.

I want this for you too.

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Me in People's Garden Shanghai

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