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The 7 Keys to Freedom: The Ultimate Guide to Developing the Mind. Published in English, Bulgarian, and coming soon in Arabic and Spanish.

Activate Millions Podcast

Featuring unique guests who embody and consciously share their energy, bodies of wisdom and what they sense in the unseen realms. Each episode supports your journey of being and becoming a Maverick, Mystic, or Visionary Leader.

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Dawn's Coaching Methodology:


The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation helps you return to a state of DNA: Divine Natural Alignment.
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An Activation Code reading can help you understand & live in alignment with your own energy & help you understand the impact your energy makes just by being alive!


Abundance is the natural result of living a life of appreciation (and especially self-appreciation), and liberating your activation code. If you are looking for more abundance in life, Private Coaching with Dawn can help.