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What Is Maverick Leadership?

Maverick Leadership Defined

Maverick Leaders Are Freedom Loving, Rule Breaking, Out of the Box Leaders Who Make An Impact And Income By Sharing Their Deepest Wisdom and Truth Without Sacrificing Your Freedom.  

The Tools I Use To Help You Share Your Wisdom And Embody Maverick Leadership Are Unique and Powerful. 

Your Activation Code


Empire Building

Conscious Manifesting


Don’t Underestimate The Power Of These Five Seemingly Simple Tools To Help You Share Your Wisdom And Embody Maverick Leadership

Your Activation Code

Your Activation Code

Your Activation Code Is Your Energy

You need to know what you activate in order to consciously lead and make an impact.   I help you understand what you activate for the purpose of leading others with grace and ease.

Without understanding how your activation code affects those around you, both positively and by triggering others, it can feel like you are trapped in situations, and circumstances in which you find yourself powerless to make an impact, be heard, or be seen.

When you know what you activate you understand your spiritual DNA, and the energy that you bring to the  planet regardless of what role you are playing, or who you are dealing with.

The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation


Dive deep into transformational work that creates lasting change, healing, and resets your connection to your intuition, confidence, and compassion.

The tool of self-appreciation, which I have come to call The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation, is used to help you stay focused and clear.   It keeps you out of the wobble of uncertainty and self-doubt.

Self-Appreciation is a one of the most powerful tools that we can use when we work together both one on one and in groups.  It helps you see and appreciate the impact you are making in the world and it helps you get clear on what you really want.

When you give yourself permission to appreciate yourself and really own the full range of emotions that come with being a Maverick Leader, you give others permission to be vulnerable and safe as well.

Excerpt from “What is the purpose of self-appreciation?”

“Self-Appreciation is a practice that helps you ACTIVATE a state of Divine Natural Alignment.”

Excerpt from “What’s The Difference Between Self-Love & Self-Appreciation?”

“The unfortunate truth about self-love is that it is limited by our ability to receive or give unconditional love outside of ourselves.  It is limited by our understanding of what love is based on our experiences, and the environments we grew up in.  We even get comfortable saying, “I love you!” without meaning or feeling anything at all when we say it.  I know I have.  I’ve used, “I love this!,” as a way of expressing excitement without taking the time to feel the depths of love I have for it.”

Empire Building

Empire Building: Building a Business That Supports Your Wisdom

Abundance is a natural result of sharing your deepest wisdom and truth.

Empire Building is a spiritual approach to business that gives you tools to help you create a specific structure for your busienss supported by spiritual principles and universal laws that supports you in making an impact in the world.

Empire Building helps you understand how your energy and your business can align and work together to create something truly magical that allows you to share your wisdom and that fits your lifestyle and help you fulfill your calling to be a Maverick Leader without compromising your freedom.

When you have a structure that supports you, working becomes a natural expression of who you are and how you lead.

Empire Building program walks you through the foundations of:

Aligning your inner world with the outer world you feel called to create is essential as you begin to build an empire that supports wisdom work.  Sharing your own wisdom is much harder than sharing quotes from other great thinkers.

When peace of mind is established, you can share your wisdom authentically, and with integrity to your energy and the work you are designed to do.

Whether it is a signature coaching program, or a series of coaching programs that help you share your best wisdom with your clients, I help you create something that is meaningful and can really make a difference for your clients.

Weather you decide to enroll in Empire Building online training or work with me one-on-one or in a group in my Maverick Leadership training, you’ll discover the wisdom that matters most for you to share with your clients.

When your coaching programs have meaning to you and you believe in the transformation they provide, it is so much easier to let people know what you do, who you serve, and what actually makes your own work and wisdom unique and powerful.

Many coaches and leaders are not aware that they need more than great coaching skills, or a powerful message to share their wisdom and profit.

When you are prepared to profit; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically marketing becomes a spiritual practice and money begins to supports you.

Coaching is all about inspiring action in our clients.  Inspiring action happens at every juncture in our business lives, we inspire people to take action and schedule a session with us or we inspire a client to continue working with us.

Empire building helps you find your magic formula for inspiring sales and inspiring your team and clients to take action.

When you are aware of how to inspire action in others without feeling like you are hindering your own freedom, sales and marketing become easier and easier over time.

It takes a lot of courage for some to look at their numbers and sustain a prosperous vibration as they are building or rebuilding their coaching practice.

When you nurture your relationship with your results you begin to see the numbers you track as members of your support team.  It doesn’t happen over night.  One of the things I love about numbers is, “Numbers don’t lie.”  People put all sort of meaning to numbers, but when you learn which numbers and which results are important to you and which are not, you begin to focus on the right things for your business.

You may have heard, “If you can’t track it, it is not real!” But without understanding the spiritual nature of numbers you may never understand how powerful this relationship can be for you and your business.

Realm expansion is about expanding your self, your work, your income without expanding how much time you work.  It is about adding team members, or simply asking for support.  It is also about expanding your reach beyond your current realm of influence.

There is a natural and organic path of expansion for every business.   I help you work with your own timing, your own natural rhythms, and expand at a pace that is both natural and transformational.

Conscious Manifestation

Mindful Manifesting

Move through fear, limiting beliefs, and scarcity consciousness with an abundance when you understand your own money manifesting blueprint.  

Mindful Manifesting is a tool to help you consciously and deliberately manifest whatever you choose while traveling your path of Maverick Leadership.

Mindful manifesting is a journey through taking responsibility for where you are on your manifesting journey and it allows you to tap into your own unique process of manifesting what you want in your life and as a leader.

When you practice mindful manifesting while stepping more fully into Maverick Leadership you will connect to your superpower of manifesting what you want while helping others manifest what they want as well.

Intuition In Partnership With Your Inner Authority

Intuition & Inner Authority

I use my intuition as a tool to work with you and help you see the truth of who you really are; powerful, whole, and complete.

My gift of intuition allows me to see obstacles and feel any resistance you may have about being a Maverick Leader and making an impact.  I understand the unique challenges of being an out of the box, innovated leader and I can sense when you are aligned with what you want and I can help you tap into your own inner authority so you can begin to trust your own intuitive guidance that can ease the struggles of leading others.

My intuition also allows me to ‘read’ and tap into your activation code and allows me to share potent truth.   One of my personal Activation Codes is Truth.  This activation energy opens portals of truth for those that are called to work with me.  If truth telling is not a high priority for you, you may not feel called to work with me.  It is also true that leaders who have had a hard time telling the truth may benefit from working with me because I have a lifetime of experience of helping people shift from hiding the truth to standing in their truth.

When we use our intuition and inner authority together, we partner as sovereign leaders to create a better and more prosperous world of all.


If this is your first time here or you’ve been here many times, I appreciate you for visiting and exploring the content and offerings I share on this site.

I believe that each of us has wisdom from our life experiences and through insights and observation.  I believe that we also carry with us energetic wisdom that activates the world around us.   I believe that when we understand our own energy (what I call our Activation Code) and align it with our wisdom, we can make a huge impact to change and transform the world.

It is my intention to help you bridge the gap between where ever you are in life and making the impact that you are designed to make in the world.