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Trust What You Activate

I am still learning to trust my own activation and learning to embrace it as the path to my personal wellness in all areas of life.  It hasn’t been easy.  I’ve had to learn to trust that my Higher Self knows better than my logical self what I’m here on earth to Activate.

I appreciate myself trusting in the Divine when things really don’t turn out as planned.

I appreciate that when things don’t turn out as they are planned, everything is completely and divinely orchestrated for me to trust in the Divine even more.

I’ve been asking to “Live my trust even more.”  

On Tuesday it really seemed that things weren’t going ‘my way.’   My computer wouldn’t connect to video or audio when I was preparing for my free workshop and I ended up borrowing my son’s computer which didn’t have my files. I just kept breathing and trusting and admittedly it wasn’t easy to remember to just breathe and trust. However I did breathe, and I did trust.  Through each flip and every flop, I was reminded of something that happened earlier that morning. 

I was on the phone and pulling out of the parking lot of the grocery store, when I felt a big “thu-thump!”  I ran over something!  When I got out of the car I could see it was a big fat wallet.  

I immediately remembered seeing a man and his wife (i’m assuming) who pulled in next to me when I got into my car and seeing something black on the ground that I ignored thinking it was a soft cloth can cooler.  Anyway, I picked up the wallet without looking in it more than noticing that the credit cards on one side of it were now bent.  “Yikes!  I broke some of his cards!”  I ran back into the store and hunted the man down.    I found him and asked him it the wallet was his and it was.  I apologized for running it over.  

The man was slightly stunned that he dropped his wallet in the parking lot and his wife was so grateful and happy.  She thanked me from her heart.  I felt it.  I was still on the phone with my friend Holly while all this was happening and she heard it all.   Sort of laughing, she pointing out that I found his wallet and that I activate True Wealth.    I wasn’t immediately able to put it together on my own.   It was Holly on the phone, “OMG, Dawn! This is your activation. You helped return his actual wealth and you helped him activate his True Wealth!”  Wow. That felt really simple, and a part of me was stuck on the fact that I ran it over!   I literally ran over his wallet.   

His wallet.  And from the size of this wallet it contained everything that touched his financial life.  Looking back, I have to say he activated a bit of self-compassion in me.  I could feel his inner pain.  It was more like a memory of financial pain, like his life may have been ‘hard.’   I’d like to believe I activated True Wealth in a way that helps him enjoy more ease in his life.  That feels really good to imagine.  And at the same time the memory of him & his wallet helped me feel more compassionate with myself as I experienced one magical mishap after another the rest of the day.

A couple of things occurred to me, I rarely stay on the phone while I’m running into the grocery store, however I did and the person on the phone with me has been a friend and a client at times through the entire process of me transforming from ‘Successful Success Coach’ to living from the realm of Maverick Leadership.   It was no accident that she was there, that I ran over this man’s wallet, that it happened on the day it happened or that returning his wallet would be my touch point throughout the day to remind me, “Yes, I can trust that I really do activate True Wealth (and Honest Truth)”

Trust What You Activate

I don’t need to see that the man’s life has changed nor do I need to see that he is gaining wealth in some major way in order for me to feel like I added value.

I didn’t need my day to go perfectly as planned to know that it was all divinely guided and to know that I truly did add value.

I was reminded that there is a divine plan and being willing to be a part of the Divine plan is my path, it is my path of least resistance.

I already planned, because I was guided, to do the same workshop the following week.  It will be interesting to see how my activation shows up, how spirit shows up, and who is led to be there with me to enjoy this wild wonderful journey we are on!

Join me live once a month to learn more about activating the path of least resistance and for a chance to experience the heavenly hot seat and receive live coaching.

Or if you feel called to work with me in any way, you can schedule a free clarity session here.

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