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777 Reasons To Do The Work Of Self-Appreciation


Reasons To Do The Work Of Self-Appreciation

“The beauty of doing the work of self-appreciation is it keeps you in the present moment. Breathing and appreciating yourself right where you are. helps you appreciate the present moment.” 

“Self-Appreciation helps you stay mindful of the present moment.”

Mindfulness is such a powerful tool for living.  The first time I discovered the power of mindfulness was at a mastermind retreat in 2011.  That experience led me to write a very short eBook, Manifesting Mindfulness. The book helps remind me how to be fully in the present moment while moving forward in life.

Doing the work of self-Appreciation helps me be mindful of the present moment. It gives me an opportunity to dive through the waves of emotions that lie just under the surface at any given moment.  “The WORK” of self-appreciation is sharing with others what you appreciate about yourself.  Practicing self-appreciation throughout the day helps keep your mind on what you appreciate about yourself in each moment in time.

As I practice self-appreciation for this moment, I appreciate myself for writing this blog post.  I appreciate myself for writing one reason to do the work of self-appreciation.  I also appreciate that being present now reminds me of my eBook. It’s another thing I appreciate about myself in this moment.  I appreciate myself for seeing the value in publishing that short eBook and not getting caught up in thinking that the value of a book is measured in how many pages it contains.  I appreciate myself for sharing a tiny part of my journey with others.

It feels like I am giving back to the universe and that feels really good.

Share what you appreciate about yourself below. Three times a year I do a Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation Challenge during Mercury Retrograde. It is a great way for you to practice self-appreciation while being witnessed by others in a group.

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