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Too Much Inspiration

It’s been a few months it seems since I’ve felt the creative impulse to post something that might help you in living your luminary life.  And today I was given an inspiring, fun, and overwhelming blog writing assignment from my spiritual team.  And I’m not sure it is possible.   

So I did what has become a way of life for me, I sat down at my computer and I did  ‘the work’ of self-appreciation.

That is what we do as luminaries, we do our sacred inner work.  My inner work, just happens to be the Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation and “the work” of self-appreciation is all about sharing what you appreciate about yourself in safe place where there are other people doing the work along side you.

So I sat down and wrote what I appreciate about myself and this seemingly impossible blog posting assignment.

Here is what I wrote:

“I appreciate myself for struggling to write my blog lately. I really have been wanting to write, however everything I think of writing doesn’t feel aligned or quite right. There was a time when I would have just done it and wrote something, anything, for the sake of doing what I “should” do. I appreciate the struggle and how hard it has been to align because the struggle, prompted me to ask for help from my spiritual team.
A few days ago, maybe a week or two, I asked for ideas on what to write that would feel aligned and help me gain momentum in the direction I feel called and I want to go. Today as I sat down to read posts here and to look at my blog to see if anyone is even visiting my site these days,  I received an inspiration that felt more like a directive, “Write 777 Reasons to Do the Work of Self-Appreciation” and post them to my blog.
Then I looked up the number 777 and it was all about receiving divine support for my life purpose and my work! YAY! So here I am, with this inspired assignment and appreciating myself for feeling not so aligned with the writing and still appreciating myself for receiving something that feels aligned with where I’m going. I’m becoming a master at looking for the easy and effortless path (which is the aligned and activated path). I appreciate that I don’t have to jump into doing, nor is it good for me to jump into doing. I appreciate that I can sit with this and find the easy and effortless path to allowing 777 reasons to appreciate “myself” to naturally start writing themselves. I also appreciate the feeling of being in masterful relationship with who I am. That feels really good. I feel really good and really expanded. I appreciate me. “

777 is actually a big number.  It is over 2 years worth of blog posts.  My mind wonders is it possible?  Are there 777 reasons to do the work of Self-Appreciation?   The beauty of actually doing the work of self-appreciation is it keeps you in the present moment, breathing and appreciating yourself right were you are whether you know the answers or not.  I can honestly say, I am not sure I will find the end of the 777 reasons to do ‘the work’ of self-appreciation, however I am leaning in and committing to writing just ONE reason today.  And if you noticed, I already did.

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