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Trusting My Intuition

This month has been quite interesting.  In case you didn’t guess, ‘interesting’ is the luminary code word for ‘challenging.”   The big challenge?   My health.   However, during my most challenging month ever, I received so many bits of intuitive insight, guidance, and awareness regarding my health, and the work I do that I can honestly say, “I appreciate my experience of sickness.” Otherwise, I may not have received some very important insights.  

It is never easy to admit when I’m experiencing a challenge, however I have to share that I haven’t felt good in 3 weeks.   Normally, I feel pretty good, I breathe easy, and I have plenty of energy to do the things I want to do.   That is just not the case recently.    Despite this, I feel so good about how I am treating myself compared to how I used to handle any kind of sickness.

How I used to handle things sounded something like this, “You attracted this, Dawn.  Now you have to figure out how to attract health and soon before anyone finds out that you are sick!”   “What is wrong with you?  Why can’t you just think yourself healthy!”  “Just work through it and don’t let ‘them’ see you sweat.”   “You know how to heal yourself, just do it!”  I never gave myself the space or time to see the blessing or the lesson of sickness.  I gave myself a hard time for experiencing sickness then I’d get busy trying to figure out how to hide until I figured out how to fix it.

My mentors told me when I’m sick to manifest health.  Just do it.

This time it is different.

My commitment to doing the work of self-appreciation really changed the tone of my inner dialog.   This time instead of allowing the habit of beating myself up for being sick to kick in, I asked my  inner guidance, “How can I be gentle with myself and return to even better health than I had before?”  Right away I heard that I should eliminate dairy, nuts and processed sugar from my diet and eat more veggies and fruits.

I’ve learned over the years to trust my intuition by following it’s guidance.  There is nothing more important to me than to honor those intuitive insights.   I’d like to say I followed this no dairy, nuts or sugar 100%, however habits are stronger than desires.   I’m about 95% there though.

The magic key to unlocking intuition is asking the right questions.  Our intuition is activated by the questions we ask it every day.  When the pain was so intense that I couldn’t see an end in sight, I asked, “How long will this last?”  I immediately knew that it would be a month before I would be back to feeling great again.   I’m treating myself really well with good food, lots of water and deep rest, hoping that my intuition was wrong on that point.

Changing my diet didn’t seem to help my sickness, however I continued to avoid those 3 foods. One day I was talking to a dear friend of mine who is a very wise luminary and she shared her intuitive insights about why I was sick.  She explained that the purpose of the sickness was to help me learn to receive support from my family in new ways.     When I heard her say it, I just knew it was the truth.  I felt a calm peaceful feeling wash over me.  That feeling usually comes when the truth is revealed.  “Ah, yes. I get it.”    That feeling helps me trust my intuition (and the insights I receive though others!)

I’m learning to accept support from others.   The sickness is simply a way that ‘requires’ me to receive help from others.   I’m still unwinding this package and learning what it really means to receive support from others in a self-appreciating way that doesn’t need to figure out how to tell others to support me, and simply allows them to support me in ways that makes sense for them.

Another benefit of not feeling good is that I had to really slow down.  As I was in this super slow moving state of being that was experiencing extreme pain, I felt very connected to the Divine.  At the height of pain, I remember thinking, “The only thing here with me and the pain is God.”   Just me the pain and my Creator.   Nothing else exists.   There was something very comforting and peaceful about that experience.   This was when it came to me that nothing was physically wrong with me.   I had a feeling and inner knowing that my DNA was being activated and re-wired so I could live my highest calling.    I wondered how many other luminaries are getting ready to step into more visibility with their calling and are experiencing a complete shut down of their energy for extended periods of time?    Do they know they are being activated?  Do they know this is a good thing and not a physical sickness?   I asked my inner guidance, “Would knowing this help?”    What came to me was to “Trust that I’m being activated, get the support I need, and tell fear to take a seat and relax.   Nothing here to worry about.”

I received so many intuitive insights this month.  It seemed like the more I appreciated where I was without trying to make it ‘wrong’ or trying to fix it, the more my intuition was flowing.   I’m in slow motion but my intuition is flowing with ease and grace.  And the good news is that I’m feeling so much better every day.

I’m not sure who the bigger hero of this story is, intuition or self-appreciation.  All I know is that I trust both the work of self-appreciation and my intuition to help me connect more deeply with the Divine in me.

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