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Mothering Your Business

to the most incredible mum on the planet

Happy Mother’s Day!

You don’t have to be a mother to celebrate mother’s day.   If you are an entrepreneur you’ve most likely birthed business or a project or two.   There are similarities and there are vast differences between birthing a child and birthing a business.  However, if you’ve ever put all of your life force into ensuring that something outside of you thrives, not just survivies, but really thrives, then you have an idea of what it is to mother.

And today, I’d like to celebrate that part of you.  This is the nurturing part of you that wants the things that you create to have the best possible chance of fulfilling their divine potential.   This is mothering.  Anything less is irresponsible creation.

Mothering our children is about giving them the best environment to fulfill their divine potential.

Mother our work is about giving it the best environment to fulfill it’s divine potential.

Mothering is about creating an environment of love and appreciation so that everything in our environment thrives.

So when you want to know how best to get your next project off the ground, or how to sell anything you create (coaching programs, art, books, etc) make a conscious decision to mother it beyond the simple act of creating it.  Look for the best environment, create the best environment, be the best environment for all your children (human or not) to thrive and reach their fullest potential.

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