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The BS That Shows Up When You Are READY For A Breakthrough

When you are ready for a breakthrough (prepared, aware, and free of resistance) and ready to live your life purpose, the universe conspires to bring you situations, events, circumstances to help you ‘clean up’ relationships and really get clear on how you want your life to be when you are fully living your purpose.

I’m in the thick of a bombardment of mental, and emotional opportunities to face my dragons. The things that are showing up, I could never predict or guess. However each level of ‘crazy’ that is showing up is an opportunity for me to deepen my relationships and my commitments in my life and to LIFE itself and get clear on what I really want.

What is showing up for me is all internal ‘stuff’ triggered by random events.   And I have to say, I am so glad I’ve done ‘the WORK’ of self-appreciation to get me though this and to model what is possible for those I love.

After seeing the most recent layer of ‘you have got to be kiddin’ me!’ I’ve found a deeper trust in unseen forces to orchestrate events in my favor.

There are no random events. EVERYTHING happens for a reason.

Everything that happens is truly an opportunity for complete transformation of old habits and old beliefs that wear you down into deeper consciousness and awareness of who you really are.

From my experience and the experiences of my Luminary Tribe, here is some of the BS (Belief Systems) that shows up when you are ready for a breakthrough:

1.  “This is too much for me to handle!” 

Well, this is complete BS.  Each new opportunity to remove your invisible fences is an opportunity for you to increase your stamina, just a bit more so you handle the vibrational frequencies and energy of where you are going.

2.  “I must have attracted this because I wasn’t in alignment with what I really want.  There is still so much work ahead of me, I’ll never be ready!”

Complete and utter BS!  You attracted it because you are READY for a breakthrough.  There is no work ahead of you (there never has been) there is only the work that is in front of you right now.  The work that you MUST do to sustain the vibration of where you are going is to appreciate yourself right NOW and deal with what is in front of you right now while being more and more clear about what you really want as you move forward.  Amazing personal power comes from “the WORK” of Self-Appreciation in this way.

3.  “There is NOTHING I can do to change this situation so I’ll just ignore it and hope it goes away.”  

This one is a favorite of a lot of people in my Luminary Tribe.  They are in a relationship with someone or something happens that they believe they can’t change so they just ignore it and just hope it doesn’t get in the way of their breakthrough.  Better yet, they develop resentment or anger (yikes!) towards the person, or situation that they feel powerless to change.   You may not be able to change the situation or the person, however you can choose to be in a different relationship with it.  You can choose to show up fully in your grounded empowered state.  You can choose to observe rather than judge.   You can choose to change your perception of the situation or the person.  (This is completely magical!)

When you are ready for a breakthrough remember, “The Universe has got your back!” It is not conspiring to stop you from growing, it is aiding you in being able to sustain the growth you are asking for.

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