Life Coaching vs Psycho Therapy: Do You Need A Coach or a Shrink?

Have you thought about investing in a life coach and want to know if it is for you?

How do you determine whether you need a coach or a shrink?

If you have ever woke up in the morning wondering if today is going to be the day for your breakthrough, you may want to hire a life coach.

If you sit on the edge of your bed feeling like a victim of life praying for vengeance for past wrong-doings, you may want to call a shrink.

What’s the difference?

The first example you understand that you have control over your circumstances, you understand that there is something that you are not quite getting and you need a little help. The second, you still want to escape from reality and run away from your problems and find refuge in a sounding board.

Life Coaching is about expanding your vision of your future and helping you grow in awareness.
Psycho Therapy is about analyzing your past and your reoccurring problems.

Life Coaching is about letting go of the labels.
Therapy is about attaching labels to things to help you understand where you are, what your problem is and helps you to see you are not alone in the world.

Life Coaching is about thriving and learning to take inspired action towards a future you feel called to fill.
Therapy is about helping you survive.

While I personally think that there are many people in therapy who would be much better off working with a coach, there isn’t always a clear line of distinction. There are Life Coaches out there who have crossed over from therapist to coach and have a deep understanding of both realms.

Life coaching, is about asking the right questions that lead to the right answers.

Call a Life Coach if you want to achieve greater results in your life.

If you are highly gifted and you want to discover how you can actually profit from your gifts, and do it in a way that honors your life, then definitely contact me.  I love seeing through your chaos and helping you discover the empire of your heart.  I love to help you discover the results you really want in life AND help you manifest your gift of service in the most profitable, efficient and spirit lead way.

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