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Are You Asking for Clarity?

Have you been asking for clarity about something in your life?  Do you just want to know HOW to do something or HOW it will turn out?

Seriously, I am cured of asking for clarity!

I can’t tell you how often I’ve affirmed clarity..  “I write with clarity and purpose.”

“I easily receive clarity about this project.”

“LORD, give me Clarity!”

Well, I am finished!

The moment I heard my minister say,
“You’ve been asking for clarity when you should be asking for trust!”  I knew he was talking to me.

Some days are like that, you wake up and you are so aligned that you know everything you hear is a message for you and for your personal growth.  Those are the days when I’m aligned with the Divine, aligned with my path and aligned with myself.

Lately, I have to admit, I’ve been…waiting!

Waiting for what?

Waiting for clarity.  Clarity for what?  Well, EVERYTHING!

It’s not that I really stopped trusting the Divine, trusting myself and trusting my path, because that is not totally true.  I do trust that I am tuned in tapped in turned on.   However, my focus sort of wanders into the future.  And not the kind of wandering that says, “Hey dream big!  This is what is possible for you!”  It starts with one simple thought of doubt, then another and before I know it I am questioning my direction.  “Lord give me clarity!”

Sunday’s message was the one I needed to remind me, “Your course is already set.  You have a destination to reach.  You only need to trust in yourself and trust in your alignment with the Divine.  Just trust.”

I really didn’t get the fullness of that message until I shared it with  client,   “You are asking for clarity when you should be asking for more trust.”

And I got it.

Think about it.

Clarity is a powerful tool to create or cast a vision of where you want to go.  It sets the entire universe into motion to bring you opportunity after opportunity so you can manifest the vision and take the next natural step.  Clarity makes everything easier.

Clarity is the opposite of what you want to ask for when you are ON your path.

Asking for clarity is like saying, “Show me HOW I am supposed to do this!”

Here is your gentle reminder for the day, “HOW is not your business!”

Once you create a clear vision of where you are going, the path will show up, one step at a time.  Ask for more TRUST, not more clarity.  Ask for trust in divine timing.  Ask for TRUST that you will be ready for the next step.  Ask for TRUST that Grace is leading the way.  This is especially important for luminaries who know they are being lead by a vision that is much bigger than they can imagine.

When you trust that the future WILL meet and exceed your wildest dreams, you enter a magical world of hope, possibility, and co-creation at it’s best.

Your path will be shown, but sometimes you have to trust that it will show up while you take the next first step.

Remember the scene where Indiana Jones stepped onto an invisible bridge?   He really had to trust that the bridge was going to show up.   If I ask for clarity after following my intuition to take the next step,  be shown a long winding road that might get me to my dreams eventually.  However if I trust that the road is there and I trust in myself and my ability to move forward with my talents and gifts then… I might cross an invisible bridge!

So I won’t be asking for clarity anymore, and if I do, I’ll have this blog post to remind me to ask for trust.   I will seek my freedom through trusting myself, trusting my path and trusting my connection to my intuition.

Trusting myself to get to my destination is way more empowering than waiting for clarity.

Enjoy the day!

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