What is the “Carnegie Secret” in Think and Grow Rich?

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Have you ever wondered what the Carnegie secret is in Think and Grow Rich?  

Napoleon Hill alluded to a hidden secret that Andrew Carnegie shared with him and which is in every chapter of Think and Grow Rich.  

I thought I’d share with everyone snippets from an email conversation with another coach “Rick” (names changed to protect the innocent 🙂 ) who knew I had been a student and a coach of Napoleon Hill’s work for many years.  He asked the question, “What is the Carnegie Secret?”

Andrew_CarnegieI hope that our email correspondence will shed light or possibly start conversation and discussion on the topic… “What is the Carnegie Secret?”

The email went like this…

Rick:  In Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill states.. “when you are ready for the secret, it will appear in every chapter” something like that. Have you ever figured out what that secret is?

Dawn:  “The last person who asked me that question has disappeared and is guessed to be on his, “round the world” adventure trip that he created for himself…

How about you? Have you found “the Carnegie secret” in Think and Grow Rich?

Rick:  “LOL
The Secret in Think and Grow Rich, I have not found, but when I watched Bob Proctor’s “You Were Born Rich” video he states that the secret is writing a goal on a card and carrying it around with you everyday and looking at it.
What do you think?”

Dawn… “The goal card was the tool used by Bob as well as many others, however I think it is merely a catalyst for the secret to emerge, I have come to know that a part of the secret is knowing that you are 100% responsibile for your life, down the the tiniest result.  There is a difference between thinking you are responsible and knowing (pure belief).  The knowing comes from experience and experience from practicing the principles that Napoleon Hill talks about in his books, like seeing yourself in possession and really feeling it as you want it to be.

But there is a hidden secret that even those that ‘know they are 100% responsible for their life’ don’t usually discover until much later in life.  That secret has to do with how you act when you feel you have everything you’ve ever dreamed of having, and how you act when you feel like you are everything you’ve ever dreamed of becoming.   Most people don’t know how they’ll act until they have it, but when that gap closes and you feel yourself becoming everything you’ve ever dreamed of becoming, your attitude changes, your whole outlook changes… you begin to live your life as an expression of abundance.  Are you catching on?  

Some people get this hidden secret in the first chapter because their life experiences up until that point make it clear that it is true and their awareness shifts instantly to that “knowing” and belief that it is true.”

“A peculiar thing about this secret is that those who once acquire it and use it find themselves literally swept to success, with what seems to be little effort, and they never again submit to failure! If you doubt this, study the names of those who have used it wherever they have been mentioned, check their records for yourself, and be convinced.

There is no such thing as SOMETHING FOR NOTHING!

The secret to which I refer cannot be had without a price, although the price is far less than its value. It cannot be had at any price by those who are intentionally searching for it.  It cannot be given away, and it cannot be purchased for money, for the reason that it comes in two parts.  One part is already in possession of those who are ready for it.” 
Think and Grow Rich – The Author’s Preface

In the Science of Getting Rich, Wallace states that you don’t have to do any practices of magic or affirm anything. He explains that when a desire becomes a burning desire you no longer have to remind yourself about it (as with a card) it is a part of you. Getting to that point can take cards and affirmations and reminders of all sorts for some people.  Most people however don’t allow themselves to feel they are worthy of their wildest dreams so they don’t dream them. Or remind themselves of them.  They go forgotten, but most likely pushed down and repressed.  The hidden secret I’m referring to sort of takes care of that feeling of unworthiness, once you begin to use it.  It shifts how you feel about yourself.  

Have you discovered what that hidden secret is yet?

We were born rich, and born to dream those big magical dreams about ourselves and our life.  We were born to make an impact and to influence those around us.   It is how we are wired…for growth and expansion, not just of ourselves, but to enrich the lives of others.   We are wired to take risks.  

There are people in our lives however have conditioned us over time to “be practical”, “be safe”, “better not dream big, or you’ll be disappointed,”  and worse yet, they have conditioned us not to share our wisdom and our magic with others.  

My mentor’s copy of Think and Grow Rich. Powerful vibes!

The winners in life DO dream big, they do take risks and they take responsibility for their results.  They TAKE Action in the direction of their dream every day AND they share their wisdom and they help others succeed.  It is the law of life; Expansion! 

So…What do you think?  Do you think you have figured out the Carnegie secret?  Or are you dreaming big, and blaming everyone else for why you haven’t manifested your dreams yet?  Or are you dreaming big, and helping others dream big too?  

Life is Wonderful!  Enjoy the journey to your next level of success and always remember…

Appreciate Life, Think Big, Take Inspired Action, And Enjoy the Journey!

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