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Are You Willing to Take the First Steps to Success?

Do you want more personal power in your life and for your business?  

How would it feel to be able to do the things that you know you should do, but you just can’t bring yourself to do?

What about raising your fees, hiring a new employee, asking for the sale, increasing the cooperation between the members of your family, or even facilitating your first mastermind group?

These are just some of the smallest actions that you can take in business that have the potential to create the biggest transformation.


I remember when I first read “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill,  I was 20 and the thought crossed my mind that someday I would teach women how to Think and Grow Rich.  And while I spent the following 18 years trying many different entrepreneurial pursuits that thought never left the back of my mind. 

There is a call within each of us that urges us to be more, do more, and even have more.   Most people, however, dismiss that call as fantasy.  They say, “Impossible!”  “It can’t be done!”  “I can’t do it.”  “I’ve never done anything like that before.”   “That dream is for someone else, not me!”  They make a critical error in hearing the call.  They think they have to know how they will do it before they ever decide to take action. 


You don’t have to know how you are going to do anything before you decide to do it. 


All you have to do is be willing to take the first step and act on your idea. 

You might want to write that down.

All you have to do is be willing to take the first step of action towards the idea. 

In my case, I had a million and two reasons why I couldn’t just go out and teach women how to “Think and Grow Rich.”

One day I was sharing my dream with one of my mentors and he asked me why I hadn’t started yet, and I started to rattle off a few items from my list of “a million and two reasons why I couldn’t” and he looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Dawn, You don’t have to know how to do anything until you’ve decided to do it.  Have you made the decision to that you will teach other women how to Think and Grow Rich?” 

And I had to admit, although I thought I had made the decision when I was 20, I had only heard the call.  I hadn’t really decided if I was willing to answer it.  And although, I had reams of notes about how to communicate these principles to women in a way that would help them grow rich with ease and grace, I hadn’t really shared my secret discoveries openly.    I still thought I had to KNOW more, experience more, and DO more, in order to teach more. 

Even though I had some of the bests training and experience in peak performance hypnotherapy, NLP, and success and business coaching, somehow I thought it wasn’t enough to start sharing.   

I heard the call, but I hadn’t answered if I was willing to serve women in the way I had been called, to help them think differently so they could grow into living truly abundant lives. 


What are you called to do? 

What is the desire that is in your heart to serve in a bigger and more meaningful way? 

Are you willing to take the first steps to success in your business and life? 

When I decided that I was willing to take a tiny step, the FIRST step, and start teaching Napoleon Hill’s principles of success to women not only did my personal awareness of the principles I was teaching make a quantum leap, I began to attract more more and more clients. 

All I did is be willing to take the first step of action towards the idea. 

The thought, “I am willing,” Aligns the opportunity with the most natural and efficient action for its fulfillment.  

There is so much power in having a willing attitude, and a willing heart.   

So the next time an idea comes to mind to try something you think is impossible or to simply make contact with a prospect or client, ask yourself, “Am I willing?”  And when you decide you are willing to give it a shot, act! 

Your action is your commitment to stepping forward in faith and once you take that first step,   the next step along your path will be revealed to you.   This is how one steps into the effortless flow of life.

Today I share my discoveries of the hidden secrets in Napoleon Hill’s work that unlock lasting wealth to women all over the world and it all started with the single thought, “I am willing.” 

When you are willing, you allow yourself to take effortless action in the direction of your dreams. 

What inspired idea have you been putting off that you KNOW will make a huge impact in your business and in your life?


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Until next time,

Be GRATEFUL and APPRECIATE yourself and the work you do. THINK BIG, Take Inspired Action, and Enjoy the Journey! 

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Dawn R Nocera,  Success Mindset Mentor, mentors entrepreneurs in over 7 countries to help them grow their current businesses profits while leveraging their time so they can have the time and energy to do the things they really want to in life. 

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A special note of gratitude to the newest members of my community who are actively sharing these mindset tips with their personal & professional communities.   Much love to you, and may you experience meaning and purpose in living truly abundant lives! 

Share what you appreciate about yourself below. Three times a year I do a Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation Challenge during Mercury Retrograde. It is a great way for you to practice self-appreciation while being witnessed by others in a group.

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