Do You Want to Attract High Paying Clients?

Have you ever wondered how to attract high paying clients? 

Imagine receiving email, snail mail, and phone calls from past clients thanking you for the work you did with them.  Imagine that each one of those testimonials comes from grateful clients who went through your program and received amazing results beyond what they ever dreamed was possible.   

Can you see it? 

Now imagine that each of those clients paid you more than you’ve ever been paid before, which makes them “high paying” clients.   AND imagine that they LOVE working with you so much that they refer you to their friends and colleagues. 

Now, I’m going to ask you a question that just may unlock the floodgates of understanding which leads you to being able to receive those clients that you just imagined. 

Are you ready?

Here is the question, “Who do you have to BE to provide the highest value of service to all those clients?” 

Now, let me clarify.

I didn’t ask you what you are DOing to provide the service, I asked, “Who you are BEing?”   

Now, this may sound like a trick question to you.

 You might not know the difference between doing and being, so let me explain.  When you are doing something, you are moving and working, and following steps, which is good- amazing even! 

However, in order for you to DO something you’ve never done before, like working with clients who are willing to pay you a lot more than you’ve ever been paid, you have to be willing to BE something you’ve never been before. 

The reason most people miss out on easy success is that they are not willing to BE more, before they start doing more.  So they end up thinking that working hard is the ONLY way to succeed, and they work harder and harder believing that more action is the only way they will achieve the dream.  Or worse yet, they get stuck doing nothing because they don’t believe they will get anywhere!    They get stuck on the edge of that crazy “knowing doing gap”, yet again!    Maybe YOU are stuck there too;   Knowing WHAT to do, and not doing it. 

So, if you really want to attract ‘High Paying’ clients, that is,  clients who pay you more than you’ve ever been paid before, You are going to want to make the internal shifts necessary to BE more so you can give more value, and as a result attract more of those clients you really want to work with and who are thrilled by the results your work provides. 

Have fun working with your new clients, and don’t forget to take time to relax and enjoy life.   The more you plan to live the way you want to live, the more you’ll enjoy BEING MORE along the way….   And you’ll have plenty of time to read all of those thank you letters from your community of happy high paying clients who are grateful that you provided more value than they ever expected!  

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Remember high paying clients are clients who are willing to pay you more than you’ve ever
been paid so together you can expand and grow to new heights!   

Until next time,

Be GRATEFUL, THINK BIG, Take Inspired Action, and Enjoy the Journey! 

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