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How Do You Break The Cycle Of Negative Thought Patterns?

I have a friend who is very, let’s say, “consciously negative”.

He is aware that he has negative thoughts and has years of low self-esteem to support his negativity.  The good news is he wants to change.  

Recently he asked, “Dawn, what can I do to break the cycle of negative thought patterns? There has to be a way out.  I thought I was doing pretty good, thinking positively about my future, but my results still look the same!  Is there any hope for me?”

There is!

I believe in people.  I have to.  I have seen people who I thought would never wake up, walk through their deepest fears and create amazing lives for themselves and I have seen people who I thought would surely conquer the world, sit back and do… nothing.

Here is the a key to overcoming tough obstacles.  It doesn’t matter whether I believe in you or not!  It only matters whether you believe in you!

The first key to overcoming negative patterns of thought is to understand that it is OK. People have negative thoughts.  What is more harmful than negative thoughts is negative emotions.  So give yourself a break, especially when you start your journey.  It is ok to feel.  When a negative thought or a negative emotion becomes a habit, then you may need some help transmuting the negative into positive thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Ok, second, believe you can think differently.

So.. are you willing to think differently?

Do you believe you can think differently?

Then that is all you need to start!  A belief in yourself and a healthy shot of tequila!

Just joking!  No alcohol is needed to overcome the obstacle of negative thought patterns, however you will want to celebrate those little wins.

Start to give yourself credit for responding to situations differently than you have in the past.    Notice the changes in how you feel and pay attention to how your thinking changes and celebrate the success of your mind!

Third, the real secret to transmuting the negative to the positive lies in how you respond when you notice you are in a negative state.  A “state” is when your mind and emotions are synced to the same frequency of thought.  A negative state is when your mind and emotions are synced to a negative frequency of thought.   Transmuting negative states to positive states happens in the moment you are aware of the negative state you are in and you consciously choose to be in a positive state.  You are going to want to get out a pencil  and write this one down:  HOW you treat yourself while transmuting this energy sets your attraction point.

I spent years mastering transmutation of states from one state to another, by beating myself up for feeling the negative emotions.  I thought something was completely wrong with me and this was so far from the truth.  You can manifest lots of external stuff through changing your state through force, however you will discover just how amazing your are when you learn to appreciate all of you, the negative and the positive in the moments when you are transmuting your negative thoughts to positive thoughts.

Maybe now is the time to break out the bubbly!  Personally, I don’t drink, but I love sparkling grape juice to celebrate the many opportunities to appreciate myself while breaking new layers of doubt, worry, or even indecision.

I’d love to hear how you break the cycle of negative thoughts!   Just take a minute and post your tip below!

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