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INTP Myers Briggs Profile

I learned that I’m an INTP and here are a few other things I’m appreciating this week.

“The key is recognizing that we’re all Divine Spirit- as beautiful, unique creations of God.” Sonia Choquette 

Every year around my birthday (7/11-aren’t I lucky!), I spend time appreciating what I know about myself.  I have a binder that I call my ‘About Me Binder’ that is full of numerology, astrology, my Activation Code and Human Design reports as well as many other self-assessment test results.  Often times I schedule a Solar Return Reading or seek out some higher perspective about the themes I might be playing with for the coming year.

Everything adds to the expansion of what I know about myself.  I either agree with what I read or hear or don’t agree.  Either way, I know more about myself.   The more I know about myself and appreciate about myself the easier it is for me to help and support others.

My birthday surprise?  I’m an INTP.

Self-Awareness Tool –

This week I learned that my Myers-Briggs Personality Profile is INTP:  The Thinker/Architect.   Which gives me full on permission to be completely lost in deep thought most of the time and oblivious to the needs of others unless the other is the focus of my attention at the moment.  I may create a short video about this on FB Live this week.  If you are interested, look for it here later this weekend.

For now, know I’m completely mind blown that I didn’t already know this about myself.   I thought I was an INTJ for the past 20 years and never felt much interest in exploring more about it, because it didn’t quite fit.  It didn’t connect with my personal truth.  When I took the test this week, and read the results, INTP, I was curious.  The Thinker.  Yes, that sounds like me.  I like to think, read, and drink coffee, all of which seem to be signs of an INTP.  The more I read, the more awareness I have about myself.  I’m expanding what I know about myself as a human.  (Pretty cool.)

Activation Energy –  

I’m appreciating a photographer this week who activates Support, he just turns the energy of “support’ on when he is around.  I’ve been exploring what support feels like and what doesn’t feel like support to me.   I’m clear that the kind of support I value the most comes in the form of ‘Higher Perspectives.”  If someone wants to help me, offering  higher/spiritual perspectives is a must, otherwise their words may fall flat.  I love and appreciate higher perspectives that help me see things differently.  This is what I do for others, and I appreciate the awareness of the flavor of support I value the most.

Media –

I’m appreciating the variety of podcasts that are available and the quality of content.  This week, I’m binging on “Kwik Brain: Memory Improvement” by Jim Kwik.  I love Jim and what he activates in the world… Family.  It is clear that his Kwik Learning followers feel like they are part of a global Superhero family.  So aligned.

There are several other podcasts I’m listening to, because I’m considering creating my own podcast.  Any topics you want to suggest?

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