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Consciousness of a Mastermind Group

“Dawn I enjoyed your comments at our meeting, especially your comment about the founding fathers of our country being a mastermind group, I agree.  Perhaps you could elaborate on their actions and the sacrifices they made.”  D.S.

I’m in deep appreciation for all that our Founding Fathers had to do to birth this great nation we live in where freedom and the pursuit of happiness are the container that they created for us to fill as we wish.

Your questio
n is about the action and sacrifices they made and I hope my answer adds more understanding to a mastermind group that is living in a world that was molded by the Desire for more freedom for all.

Our founding fathers lived in an environment that was threatening to their sense of freedom and with every action they took they had to embody their own inner independence in order for them to experience independence as a nation. This is really important to note. They sacrificed their ‘ego-self’ for the love of independence of generations to come.

Our current environment is one where each of us has the freedom to pursue happiness and freedom in so many different ways. We can choose to help others in as many ways as we can imagine. We no longer have an environment of oppression only the energetic memory of oppression that we project onto the world when we are not owning our own freedom to be who we truly are. (Note to self:  Read this again a few times and let it sink into your heart.)

Each of our founding fathers had to sacrifice who they were as members of British Coloines to become who they truly were as an Independent Nation. They had to move forward and find their individual answers to their deepest questions of what does it mean for “me” to have my sovereignty.

Our founding fathers created the environment and consciousness that we now live in.  Any mastermind we participate in now is creating an environment and a consciousness for those in the group to embody.   Our willingness to OWN the expanded consciousness that is created within the mastermind group and help others just by being the expanded version of ourselves and own our personal freedom is the only action we are required to “do” as we move from one moment to another.

The Mastermind is like the collective Will, it creates a new environment and consciousness for a new level of freedom and consciousness to emerge.

I love the sacrifieces our Founding Fathers made but we don’t have to sacrifice in the same way they did. However many of us do and have sacrificed so much to become who we are. We have let go of the past, burned bridges, etc. to be free in our own way.  

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