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Activating Freedom and Liberation In Unlikely Places

You want freedom, but are you ready to experience liberation?

Imagine you are so triggered by someone. You just can’t control how you feel when you are around them. When you think of them, or when someone mentions their name.  Now imagine for a moment that this is all perfectly designed for your highest good.

You want Freedom, but you can’t stand to be around people who challenge your sense of freedom.

I’m sure you know someone in your life who you feel completely triggered by and who other people love being around. Or vice versa.

One of my clients and a friend discovered that she activates “Integrity” and learned that working with people who are not looking for or living at that level of Integrity in partnership, could cause them to feel very judged by her and get triggered and resistant to her requests to ‘do as they say they would do.’  She is designed to activate higher levels of integrity in those around her.  When she owns and appreciates that she activates “Integrity” she attracts clients, relationships, and support that help her do her magic (she is a web designer and an artist).  Her path to sovereignty and liberation in her life is to honor the energy that she activates in the world by living from a space of Integrity.    When she lives from a space of integrity, she is not triggered and she doesn’t judge others, but recognizes where they are on their own personal journey of being in integrity.  When she appreciates her own activation of integrity and has compassion for others who are not there yet, she is a powerful force!

How about Donald Trump?

He is a great example of who one person’s Activation Code can trigger one group of people and activate something completely different in another group.  (I share more about his Activation Code farther down. )

I find it fascinating, but this is a big part of my life right now, reading people’s activation codes and helping them understand and appreciate themselves & their Soul’s energetic code.

We Are Designed To Activate Each Other

We are perfectly designed to turn on and activate some aspect of Divinity in the people (and places, that’s another lesson entirely) around us just by being alive.   We are coded to activate and turn on more light in everyone we meet.   Yes, even those who trigger us and those who get triggered by us.  

Actually everything around us is coded to activate our own Divine Natural Alignment.

We are created in the likeness of the Creator – God, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Love, Allah, Cosmic Energy, Source, Divine Mother, Father God, what ever you resonate with.  In equal measure.  You were born with a Spiritual DNA (Divine Natural Alignment) as well as physical DNA.   Your Spiritual DNA, similar to your physical DNA, has genetic coding. The Spiritual DNA differs from physical DNA in that it is “meta- physical” – transcending physical body containment. Your Spiritual DNA is encoded with the Divine “I Am” presence.

How Knowing What YOU Activate Can Help

I’ve also come to understand that not everyone is ready for what we each activate.   In which case they either move on without much fanfare, or get extremely triggered by our presence.    When someone reacts to us in ways that feel confrontational, they are most likely resisting the very energy they are asking for and the very thing we are designed to activate and turn on in them.  They are resisting their own divinity coming online.  They are resisting the very activation they are asking for!

If you are familiar with the law of attraction, you know there is only attraction.   There is no law of assertion.  People ask and it is given, however people don’t like the way it shows up, or they simply don’t recognize it as an answer to their request.

The same is true for you too.  When you feel triggered by someone, and can’t seem to compose yourself, chances are you are resisting what wants to emerge in you.   You may be resisting their activation code, and not recognizing this as an answer to your request.    If they are triggered by you, they are resisting what you activate and turn on in them.   Everything is about energy and activation and learning to navigate the waves of emotion and feeling that come with being a Spiritual being living in a human body.   And truly this is an attraction based universe, we ask and it is given.

Knowing what you are coded to activate in the world helps you understand why some people are drawn to you and others are seem to be repelled, even if you’ve done all the work on yourself to create a clear energy field.

You May Or May Not Like It, But…

OK, back to ‘The Donald,’  and the polarizing and triggering Activation Code of the President Elect.

Donald Trump activates “Freedom,” as in sovereignty of mind, body, and spirit.

And boy does he piss people off!

I was one of those pissed off people being completely triggered by what came out of his mouth.  judged him as being an arrogant white male with no idea how to lead a nation.  I still judge him as being an arrogant privileged white male who has no business leading this country, or making decisions that affect women!   However the morning I woke up and he was voted President Elect, I felt oddly at peace.  It was weird.  I voted for Hillary.  I was one of those convinced he would never win and didn’t want him to win, and there I was feeling a deep sense of peace… no, what I felt was “FREEDOM.”   In the past I haven’t been that interested in politics to check in to see what he activates before the election, however I woke up feeling a strong sense of sovereignty and freedom.  I checked in, “Am I experiencing Trump’s Activation Code?”

The answer came in a calm and clear knowing,  “Yes, Donald Trump activates Freedom.”

The Student Path Of The Activation Code

When we carry a strong energy and LIGHT that is designed to turn on Divinity in the world, we become conditioned by our parents, society,  and our peers based on how they think we should best use (or hide) our Divine Power.  That is what our Activation Code is.   It is our divine power to change the world in miraculous ways!

I’m sure it is no different for Trump.  His Activation Code of Freedom was conditioned to operate in a conditioned way based on his upbringing.   The ideas and conditions his family had regarding “Freedom” and Sovereignty were how he learned to use the energy of his Activation Code.  He learned to judge what freedom is and what freedom is not and he learned to judge others based on how they experience their own freedom.

When others are on their own conditioned or Student Path of either our Activation Code or of their own they will judge us and feel judged by us.  When we are both on our Conditioned Path, we fight and try to change either other.  This happens a lot in marriages.

I call the Student Path of our Activation Code, the Conditioned Path.   It is all about the conditions, and programming we received about how other people think we should use our personal power  We find our own freedom and liberation by appreciating our own energy and take ownership of how we Activate Divine Natural Alignment in others and how we can be triggered and trigger others just by being ourselves.

The Master Path Of The Activation Code

When we are living from and experiencing the Master Path of our Activation Code we are truly liberated and free to be the full expression of our Activation Code, the aspect of Divinity we are here to activate in others, without judgment, manipulation or control.

When we are on our Master Path we drop judgment and control of others and appreciate the people around us for who they are and what they Activate.  Instead of being triggered by others who don’t agree and don’t resonate with us, we embody an inner spaciousness that allows their transformation to happen without our interference.

My opinion, Trump is totally on the Student Path.

If you want to read about The Activation Code of Freedom, and it’s student path and master path, Click here for The Activation Code of Freedom Summary.

Knowing what triggers you about others can help you understand yourself and can help you bring the energy of the pure DNA “Divine Natural Alignment” Activation online without bringing in any of the person’s personal student path (aka triggering) energy.

Who Benefits From The Activation?

Now, back to me.

When I feel the energy and activation of Freedom, it invites me to look within.  I can explore the full range of emotions and thoughts I have about my own personal freedom.   There are deeper questions like, “What is really holding me back from fully experiencing freedom right now?”

“In what areas of my life do I not feel free?”  

“How can I choose more freedom for myself in my life right now?”

Not everyone will agree with me that Trump activates Freedom.

Here is what someone posted on a Facebook comment about the topic:   “That’s a very white-privileged point of view. He doesn’t activate freedom for the people who are being racially, religiously, and sexually targeted.” 

I disagree.  I believe Freedom is Activated. The people who felt ‘oppressed’ or ‘targeted’ before are now feeling free to speak up. They are feeling free to be seen, and free to have their own voices be heard.

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