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Renegade Rebel or Sovereign Maverick?

“On one hand I want to do my right work with the right people.  On the other hand I don’t.  What if I do it and I change my mind and I don’t like it?  And I’m stuck?”  

Can you relate?  

Here is another….   “On one hand I want to do the work I feel called to do.  On the other hand I’m afraid of losing all the freedom I currently have to do the things I want to do, like spending time with my family and traveling.”  

If you are like me, FREEDOM is the bottom line.  Everything you do is inspired by your need to be free.  

Are you a rebel?

I used to find myself drawn to a cause, a group, or a project and when people started to expect me to show up or do things in a certain way, it felt like a noose was being tightened around my neck and it became hard to breathe.  I’d then run off looking for something a little more spacious;  a new project, a new group, a new cause, and get passionately involved until… I started to feel trapped again.  

I am a true Rebel.  

According to one of my new reading obsessions, The Four Tendencies, by Gretchen Rubin, A Rebel resists ALL expectations, outer and inner.  

Those of us that are true Rebels, are only 17% of the population (based on Gretchen’s sample population.).  Upholders tend to meet both outer and inner expectations.  Questioners, resist outer expectations and tend to meet their inner expectations, and Obligers, meet outer expectations and resist inner expectations.  

Success for Rebels

The path to success for us rebels:  “It is so hard when I have to, and so easy when I want to!”   

For me, the path to success sounds more like this, “It is easy when there are no expectations!”

A couple of weeks ago I visited my friend Holly in Boulder, (here is pic) and we were talking about a new coaching program I’m putting together for Maverick(aka Rebel) Leadership.  I was sharing that one of the realms of energy we must master in order to move from being in a rebellious state and to claim our Maverick Leadership is the realm of Sovereignty.

Freedom is a natural direction for the Maverick Rebel.  When we feel confined, or imposed upon by some outer authority, well, we can be passionate about claiming our freedom from whatever is keeping us down.  We don’t stay down long though, it also feels too limiting to who we are, so we rise up and claim a new high.  

So goes the constant up down roller coaster ride when we are using our energy to rebel against and seek freedom from.  

The Realm of Sovereignty

Sovereignty is a little different than freedom.  Sovereignty is one of the realms we must learn to navigate and master when we are called into our bigger roles of Maverick Leadership.  Sovereignty is freedom TO be yourself and follow your Inner Authority (Inner Guidance… God…Source… Higher-Self) and having integrity with your own desires.


In the realm of Sovereignty we think of ourselves in terms of the truth of who we are instead of the lies we’ve told ourselves about who we need to be.  We are conscious about the value we bring to the world through our activation energy, not just our actions.  When we know ourselves this intimately, it is truly liberating!   I am endlessly grateful for my Inner Authority, and all the inner worldly guidance I receive that continues to open my heart and eyes to the possibility and capacity of who I am without the need to push against, or rebel.  Don’t get me wrong, there is still a little hell raising rebel in me, but we work together now more than ever.

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