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The First Law of The Universe is ORDER

I appreciate myself for being awake and conscious enough to know that if I see chaos in my outerworld it must also be present in my inner world. I appreciate myself for the great amount of self-appreciation that supports me as I recognize it is within me without judging or trying to figure it out. I simply know to be calm and breathe and be aware of my feelings.  Free from any self-judgment, I can simply activate order in my life and allow it to be my reality without fighting or judging the chaos. The chaos then appears to be light and order.

This is how I manifest order out of chaos.

I am the one who gets to decided the order of values that my life flows from.  This is the order I choose:

  1. The First Order of being is through Grace & Ease … This is the domain of the Divine and Divine Love
  2. The Second Order of being is through Self-Love & Self-Appreciation… This is the domain of the Divine in Me
  3. The Third Order of being is through Activating & Using My Gifts… This is the domain of Divine expression through me.
  4. The Forth Order of being is through Activating the Gifts in Others... This is the domain of Divine service to the world.

This feels like the Divine Order of my life. I am grateful that I remembered what I came here to do.

I came here to be IN LOVE WITH LIFE and to share my love with others.

This week I facilitated “The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation Workshop” that allowed me to share more intimately the power of self-love & self-appreciation with other women and to deepen my understanding of how Divine Order supports my expansion.  Facilitating activated all 4 orders of being, Divine Love, Divine in Me, Divine Expression, Divine Service.  Simple.  Truly simple.

Nothing feels as good to me as activating self-appreciation in the world around me and helping you learn how to authentically appreciate yourself.

Join me for my next “The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation” workshop online.

Click here to register for the next virtual workshop.

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