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How To Overcome The Fear Of Writing

I remember being so afraid of words and writing.   Communicating what was on my mind felt like wrestling tigers.  No joke!  

I studied engineering in college so I wouldn’t have to write, or speak.  When I started creating my first website back in 1999, I added content to it daily.  Mostly lists, and resources for high school girls, not so much writing.  I didn’t force myself to create, I wanted to added value.  I looked for ways I could help my site’s visitors have resources they needed.  This was pre-google.

I didn’t sit down with a to-do list and say, this is what I’m going to do today.  I just sat down and did something… daily.

I forgot how effortless it was to create from that space.

My point is that as I wrote a sentence or two to introduce the list or the resources I was sharing, I WAS writing and the more I wrote the more confidence I had to write more.  At first just a sentence, then a paragraph, and when people started to email me and ask me questions, I wrote them back.  At the time I wasn’t making any money from that website, however I was practicing writing by doing it.  And I was learning a lot about website development, which is what I was doing to make money at the time.   And the more I practiced writing the more confident I was to share more of my thoughts and opinions.

I realized that people really don’t care if I misspell a word, or if they have to read a sentence two or three time to understand what I am saying.   They care that I care about them and what they go through.

I’m an author now, and doubts still bubble up around my ability to write well, however when I bring my attention back to me and the value I can add, and away from other people I may be comapring myself to, it is so much easier to write.

My fear of writing faded the more I wrote and my doubts fade the more I focus on the value I’m adding.

I see my value in the world and I enjoy sharing that value with my empire.

Focus on how you can help your empire and begin writing from that aligned space within you.   Most importantly, Share!  Share your opinions, your thoughts, your ideas.  Give people a view of your depth, not just something you heard someone else say.  Allow yourself to be seen through your writing, this is the path of the luminary.

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