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Systems Are Great Except When They Are Not

I was reading something from one of my mentors today about systems and how important they are to our life and our business and I couldn’t agree more.  However what I’ve found is that most entrepreneurs find themselves trying to create systems for the wrong things in business at the wrong time.   And luminary entrepreneurs have a hard time with systems because “systems” can feel so soulless.   

There are 2 big challenges that we face when creating systems and once you learn to recognize which challenge you face, you can begin to use systems to help you move your life and your business in the direction YOU want to go.

Challenge #1 Is Not Creating A System From Where You Are

We love getting ahead of ourselves, especially as entrepreneurs.  We see the vision and create systems that we think will support us when we have fully manifested the vision.  HOWEVER, we have no idea what systems we will actually need when we have fully manifested the vision.  I’ve done this.  I’ve seen colleagues and clients do this.  We want the world to think we are Rock Stars, without us knowing how to sing, or how to book a gig, or how to play an instrument.

I was listening to a podcast where a serial entrepreneur was asked about the systems he created for the many businesses he built and sold.  His response was something like this, “We create systems for the details, to make sure calls get made, we sell something, we get out there.  As we grow it becomes apparent where we need systems to sustain our growth and we build them as we go.”  He was a super creative entrepreneur with a system for building and selling businesses, and he brought on people to help identify the systems within the businesses he built before going public.

Most entrepreneurs as not there yet, so guess what?  Focus on creating systems around the things that you value in your business.  If you value sales, create a system.  If you value depth of relationship with your empire, create a system for that.  YOU get to decide what is important to your business.  Having a system ensures that the things that are important to you are taken care of.

Challenge #2 is Not Understanding The Consciousness Of Systems

This challenge is the complete opposite of the first challenge.   If you don’t understand what systems can do for your business, you might dismiss them when you are just starting out and try to build your business without any systems at all.

I remember doing this as a young mother who was still somewhat of a rebel.   I had a new born baby and didn’t want to be tied down to the house with systems and times for everything that would limit me in any way, so I didn’t have ANY systems.  And things got out of hand pretty fast.  It is amazing how chaotic things can get in a short time when there are not systems in place.  It only took a few months (yes, months) for me to figure out that my daughter had a natural 7:30pm bed time and if I wasn’t at home putting her in bed by 7:15 she screamed the next 3 hours.   I soon learned that I had a small window of opportunity to get her in bed with ease or she would fight sleep for 3 hours straight.   I learned quickly that having a system didn’t take away from my free time, they actually expanded it!   

It goes deeper than this to really understand systems.

So what is the consciousness of a system?

When I think of consciousness, I think of awareness and the relationship between the parts.  So being conscious or having self-consciousness means that you are aware of the relationship between your thoughts, feelings, actions, and the results that you intend.  If you have God-Consciousness you have awareness of your relationship with God.  The consciousness of your business is the awareness of the relationship between your business, your life, and those you serve through your busienss.

The conscousness of a system is the awareness the system has of the relationship that happens within the parts of a system.   I believe there is a consciousness or a relationship that wants to emerge between all things.   The purpose of a system is to move the energy through your busienss.    The consciousness of a system would be the awareness within the system itself that is has the purpose of moving energy.  What energy am I referring to?  The energy of money.  The energy of creation and production.   A system that works has a structure and steps that when taken in sequence move enery from one form to another.   A successful sales system moves the energy of prospects into the energy of buyers.    Systems are all about the movement of energy.

Many luminaries hesitate to create systems because they feel they are soulless, however when you think of systems in terms of consciousness of the energy moving through your business, you can easily see where you can benefit from having a system.   Think of where the energy (Money, clients, referrals, etc) are stuck in your business, then look to create a system that helps the energy flow.

I’m great at helping others identify what systems are needed for where they are in their business.   I have a sixth sense about the movement of energy in all types of business.  However I still need help identifying systems that will help me at home.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with a lot of domestic desires or skills, so I’m always on the look out for new ideas and new systems to keep the energy moving in our home to support the family’s growth and expansion.

What Does This Have To Do With The Work Of Self-Appreciation?

I’m so glad you asked!

We can’t create systems until we appreciate what they do to help support our lives and our business.  Well, you can, but the system will be full of un-aligned energy which only lowers the frequencies of the energy that moves through it.  And you want to raise the vibration of the energy that moves through your system.

Systems are one of the most self-loving, self-appreciating things we have in our lives.  You have a system for brushing your teeth each day, becuase you love taking care of your oral hygeine.  Add a bit of conscious awareness to brushing your teeth and appreciate yourself for taking care of your teeth and gums so beautifully.  With more consciousness, the more attention to add to the act of brushing, the more attention you add to brushing, the more you feel the benefits of brushing your teeth, the more you are aware of the relationship between you, your toothbrush, the toothpaste, the water, everything.

In life the system is there to support the relationship between you and what you are doing, by adding the value of increased energy and higher and higher frequencies that are easier to maintain.    Having systems is so self-loving and self-appreciating because they assist you in raising your vibration and embody new versions of yourself.

The same is true for business systems, they support the business by adding the value of increased energy and higher frequencies to the business that are easier to maintain.  The support the evolution of your business.

If the system isn’t increasing the energy of the the system by trasmuting it from a lower vibration to a higher vibration, then the system is not worth the time or money to implement.

What do you think?   Do you know where your business could benefit from a new system?

Hint:  A Social Media System is only successful if it moves energy to a definite end.


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