How to Activate The Most Empowering Superpower In The Universe

Have you ever wished you had access to some superhuman superpower that would make you all-powerful and aid you leaping tall buildings with a single bound, or simply overcome some mountainous obstacle in your life?  

Well, the crazy truth is you do have the power to overcome obstacles and make massive change in your life and if you really wanted to leap a tall building in a single bound, you could do it too.   The only thing you need to learn is how to activate the most empowering superpower in the universe.

I’m not talking about some magical superpower like the biological regeneration, molecular manipulation, or even a super-sonic scream, what I’m referring to is something that everyone has access to however most people have no idea how to use this superpower to their benefit or to the benefit of others.

Have you guessed what this superpower is yet?

If you guessed that your power of choice is the most empowering superpower in the universe, then you are 100% correct!

Your power to consciously choose is the most empowering superpower you’ll ever need to develop.  When you consciously use your power to choose, you stop being a victim of circumstances, events, and situations in life.  You become the master of every moment in your life.

DON’T LET ANYONE DULL YOURWhen you consciously choose a path or a direction in life, you are empowered to ask for and receive help.  You give yourself permission to do what you want instead of doing the things you think you “should” do.  You always have a choice in how you feel, how you respond, what action you will take, and where you want to go in life.

The biggest mind disease is thinking we don’t have a choice, when in fact we always have a choice.  Some decisions are harder to make than others, however there are always options.

Here are some powerful north star choices:
“I choose me!”
“I choose expansion.”
“I choose LOVE!”
“I choose to be loving.”
“I choose to receive love!”
“I choose clarity.”
“I choose life.”
“I choose to create.”
“I choose to trust.”
“I choose to have faith.”
“I choose to hope for better things.”

And my favorite, “I choose ease!”

Of all these, the most powerful choice we have is choosing LOVE & Appreciation for ourselves.

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