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5 Steps to Making Decisions in Business

When you are made a decision to build a business you began a process of attraction.  Most people think that just because they made a decision to build a business, they will attract clients who want to throw money at them.

Wishful thinking!

What actually happens when you make a decision, is you begin to attract opportunities.   Your decision to grow a business, make money, find more love, really when you make any decision about anything in your life, you begin to attract an abundance of opportunities that lead you to the next step towards manifesting what you want.

And that is GOOD!

But how do you make a luminary decision and discern the difference between an opportunity for growth and an opportunity to stay on the hamster wheel of frustration and overwhelm?

Years ago I had a conversation with a client who felt called to become a public speaker.  At the time of our conversation he was already highly skilled and passionate about speaking and his income from speaking wasn’t quiet enough to quit his day job.  His desire to answer the call to become a public speaker put him in a high vibrational state where he was attracting a lot of opportunities and he was having a hard time making a decision about which opportunity to say yes to, if any.    I think at the time he had 3 firm opportunities in front of him all of which would have been great in some way, but they were all pointing in slightly different directions.  I don’t remember the details exactly, but two were different job opportunities to work for two different non-profit organizations, both would allow him to travel and speak.   The other was a higher paying job that would allow him to use his leadership skills more, but didn’t include any public speaking. He told me how frustrated and overwhelmed he was trying to decide which opportunity to say yes too.  He was feeling a lot of pressure to decide.  He told me, “I don’t want to make the wrong decision and I’m afraid that if I don’t make a decision now the opportunities will pass.”

After I explained that he can’t make the wrong decision because all opportunities come from Source and all opportunities are for his personal expansion, so they all lead to something pretty amazing, we were able to look at the opportunities individually.  I also explained that the direction the opportunity will flow is set based on our vibrational state at the time we make the decision.  Decisions made from a place of fear will attract more to fear.  Decisions made from the point of view of scarcity will attract more scarcity.  Decisions made from a place of expansion and possibility and trust, will lead to more expansion, possibility and trust.  That is how the law of attraction works.  Our ability to choose is our most powerful superpower.

I shared this five step decision making process that can really help you line up your energy with Source so you can make an empowered choice and feel confident in your choice:

Step One:  Identify the Opportunity.

Go through the opportunities in front of you one at a time.  With this client, I had him list each opportunity and look at each one individually to see where his energy was most aligned.  I encouraged him to list everything he knew about each opportunity.

Step Two:  Ask yourself “ Do I WANT to do this?”

When I asked my client, “Do you want to do this?” He said yes to each of the opportunities except the one where he would make more money and not have opportunities to speak.  I didn’t cross it off the list yet as I wasn’t 100% sure he was saying no to it from a vibration of abundance.

Step Three: Ask Yourself, “Do I feel guided, or called to say yes to this opportunity?”

This is the most powerful question, especially for luminary leaders who are experienced in knowing how they really feel.  An opportunity that will get you closer to your calling and your life purpose, will have sort of a pull of attraction that goes beyond mental reasoning.  Your body will feel like it is magnetically attracted to the opportunity, as if it were actually calling you forward through an invisible force.  For this client, he felt called to one of the non-profit positions that required him to speak to large groups of people.

Step Four: Ask Yourself, “Does this opportunity add more life to everyone involved?”

This question should be an easy one to answer, however there are a lot of coaches, mentors, and leaders who are operating out of integrity with themselves.  Divine opportunities that are truly designed to move you closer to or expand your life’s work will add more life to everyone involved.  The person who is bringing you the opportunity will be increased, your family will be increased, you will be increased, and any 3rd parties will be increased by a divine opportunity.  If the opportunity is one where you feel you are getting something for nothing then check in with your guidance or ask the person bringing the opportunity to you what do they expect to gain from the opportunity.  Listen to your heart.  Alignment will be easy if the opportunity is something where everyone is increased by your decision.  In the case of my client, one of the non-profit positions felt like the opportunity was given to him from out of a scarcity mindset where he would not be valued as much as he would be at the other non-profit position.

Step Five: Ask Yourself, “Does this opportunity violate the rights of others? Does it take away their right to choose?  Will anyone be harmed?”

This is another question that should really go without question.   None of the opportunities took away anyone’s right to choose, nor did they harm anyone, or violate their rights, however the question did create an opening for him to talk to his wife more openly about what the opportunity he felt called to take might mean for them as a family.  Thankfully he was skilled in authentically sharing what he really wanted with his wife and she was will him so they were able to both participate in the decision making process even though in the end it really was my client’s choice.

In the end, my client chose one of the non-profit positions and he traveled and spoke to about 50 audiences in one year.  He started being invited to speak to other audiences and now he makes his living as a full time public speaker.

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