Intuition in Business: Taking Inspired Action

Using your intuition in business and taking inspired action takes practice.

Hangout Notes:

  • Intuition helps take the struggle out of making creative decisions in business.
  • You can’t hear your inner guidance when you are chasing or rushing after your business.
  • Slow down, tune in, and pay attention.
  • Write it down!  When you receive an intuition or guidance, write it down.
  • Intuition doesn’t always make sense, it requires trust.
  • Give your intuition a direction by asking great questions.
  • Inspired action is action that is in alignment with our purpose.
  • “Trying to figure it out”  is opposite of using your intuition.
  • Your intuition is meant to guide you to build the business you are meant to build.
  • Your body hides the fear of what is stopping you from taking action.  Pay attention.
  • Fear may come along right behind the inspiration especially if you are doing something you’ve never done before.

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