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The Key To Seeing Your Own Value

This week I’m diving deep into claiming my passion for The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation and all of the reasons why “the work” of self-appreciation is necessary in order for leaders to answer our higher callings.  


To me it is completely obvious that self-appreciation is all about increasing your self-value.  But you don’t really get the full benefit of seeing your authentic value until you share what you appreciate about yourself with someone else.  Sharing what you appreciate with others is “the work” of self-appreciation and it is not an easy thing to do, especially for luminaries who think there is an image or persona they have to portray in order to help others.

It is really hard work to see and feel your true value when you are operating from behind a mask of illusion trying to appear different than you really are.  I know.  I’ve done it.  There is no shame in letting your guard down and letting people know what you appreciate about yourself, what you truly value about the work you do in the world.

For me, I deeply appreciate myself for sharing self-appreciation with more and more people every day.  I appreciate that this work makes a huge difference in the lives of the people who practice the Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation.  I appreciate myself for being a part of something that is much bigger than me.  I appreciate myself for following my intuition instead of my ego’s desires to ‘keep up appearances’ or to ‘act as if.’   The more I followed my intuition which has pretty much guided me to do one thing over the past 2 years, “Appreciate yourself,”  the more peace I have with who I authentically am.  I appreciate that the work of self-appreciation is like magic and it opens us up to our infinite possibilities.  Mostly, I appreciate that doing the work of self-appreciation helps us see our value, so we can move forward with more ease knowing that the work we do in the world helps people connect with their own infinite possibilities.  That is magical!

When you appreciate yourself, you discover the many ways you add value to the world.   Being able to see your own value helps you understand just how much you are loved and supported by the universe.  And for us Luminaries who are out there sharing our light regularly and being activated by sharing our work, self-appreciation helps us stay grounded in our own garden of creation so we can discern opportunities from distractions much easier. Self-Appreciation is the key to Ownership of your Luminary life.  It just helps you feel yourself solidly owning your work, your message, and your calling.

“Discovering your innate value is the work of self-appreciation.”

Discovering the value of yourself is the work of self-appreciation. You don’t see it all at once, however when you practice appreciating yourself daily, through writing, sharing with others how you appreciate yourself, you release all of the “should’s” in your life and you find your authentic desires. The law of desire sets in an you can’t help but grow with more ease and grace. You have more faith in your direction, a clearer mind, an open heart, and you become aware that everything you’ve been looking for is right there inside of you all the time.

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