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It’s Not All Unicorns And Rainbows

I appreciate the support I’m getting for the work of self-appreciation.  This week I was interviewed by a friend, and Star Power activator, Dena Crowder. Dena is just one of the many points of light that are on my luminary path helping me get the word out about self-appreciation and shining light on how revolutionary this simple tool really is.  

In the interview Dena pointed out that, “It’s not all unicorns and rainbows.”

Doing the work of self-appreciation requires an honest look at ourselves and appreciating who we really are.  Not the person that someone else wants us to be, nor the person we ‘think’ we should be, but appreciating the person we are right now.

It’s not always easy appreciating ourselves.  We are so invested in the idea of hard work and beating ourselves up for not getting it right that it is hard to stop judging ourselves and see the gift we are to the world.


Self-appreciation helps us connect to our inner power to be our evolutionary Self.

For those of us that are committed to our own personal evolution and the evolution of others, self-appreciation is more than a nice idea, it is a requirement.

Here is a 21 minute recorded interview by Dena Crowder that she shared with her Soul Star community, let me know what a-ha’s, experiences, or insights you have about the work of self-appreciation.

If you want to connect to your activation code and your soul’s purpose,  consider scheduling an Activation Code Reading Session here.

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