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Are You Tuned Into the Flow of Abundance in Your Business?

Do you experience the flow of abundance in your business?

Abundance is all there is! Are you in tuned to the flow of abundance in your life? How about in your business?

At this very moment, you are either experiencing an Abundance of prosperity and supply or an Abundance of lack.

Which is it for you?

I was working with a client recently who asked me how I come up with so many different ideas that help businesses of various shapes and sizes prosper so easily, and I explained,  “I tune into the abundant flow of ideas that are already out there waiting for someone to take the idea and run with it.  I tune into abundance.”

Then I asked her where in her business she would like to benefit from tuning into abundance.  She laughed and said,  “I’d like to tune into an abundance of referrals so I won’t have to work so hard finding new clients!”

Until she was consciously aware of what she wanted she was unconsciously tuning into it’s opposite- she was tuning into the abundant of lack of referrals instead of the abundant flow of referrals who were excited and ready to work with her.

The same is true for you in your business.  Where in your business would you like to benefit from tuning into abundance?

You’re either experiencing an abundant supply of clients or an abundant of lack of clients.

You are either experiencing an abundant supply of referrals and new ideas or an abundant lack of referrals and new ideas.

Which is it for you?

When you begin to think in terms of abundance as all there is, you begin to think entirely on a new plane of awareness about what is possible for you and your business.   You begin to see that you have a choice in what you focus on in your business.

The moment you tune into the abundant supply of what you want in your business, your intuition and imagination will begin to give you ideas and plans on how to harvest the supply.    All you have to do if follow the plan and take inspired action to create a tidal wave of prosperity in your business whenever you want it.

Remember, you can have an abundance of headaches, struggles, and stresses in your business OR you can have an abundance of freedom, ease and joy in growing a truly amazing business that serves more and more people every day.

The choice is yours!

I’d love to hear your stories, leave a comment below and share your experiences how you tune into the abundant supply of prosperity in your business!

Until next time,

Be GRATEFUL, THINK BIG, Take Inspired Action, and Enjoy the Journey!

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Dawn R Nocera,  Success Mindset Mentor, mentors entrepreneurs in over 7 countries how to end frustration and overwhelm and exponentially grow their current businesses profits while leveraging their time so they can have the time and energy to do the things they really want to in life.

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