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How Gratitude Can Help Your Bottom Line

Quite frankly it took a long time for me to really understand and appreciate gratitude for it’s power and simplicity.  I have come to know gratitude as the most powerful feeling you can possibly experience and when I went beyond simply feeling grateful for the things in my life and really started to add gratitude as a part of my business everything changed. 

If someone would have told me that gratitude is something that I could turn on at will, or that it was a choice, I might have thought they were crazy!

You see, I thought that in order to feel grateful for anything in life, the people, circumstances and situations around me needed to change… THEN I could feel grateful.  I didn’t realize it was something that I could choose.  When I got this straight in my mind and I started to use gratitude as a tool to see the value in every area of my life, not just the money in the bank, the way I conducted business began to shift from wondering where the next client was going to come from to having an steady stream of referral business.  Now, I’m not saying I’m an expert on gratitude, or that I get it right every time.  I certainly don’t.  But I do make gratitude a priority.  Those circumstances and situations that weren’t so agreeable in the past began to take new form.  The true magic was happening inside of me.  The outside world didn’t change however how I felt about the ebb and flow of life and business did change when I decided to be grateful for all of it! 

When I was a teen, my grandmother would send me stationary and packages of thank you cards regularly.  I think she was trying to tell me something!  And to tell you the truth, the only time I used them was to send my grandmother a Thank You card for the Thank You cards!  I was such a results oriented person that I just couldn’t connect with how gratitude could be something that would make any difference in my life. 

It seemed so simple to me that the results are revealed in the numbers, but relationships are not built on numbers.  They are built on connection.   And it is the connection we have with people that creates the results!  The relationships we nurture in our business DO create and increase our numbers. 

Don’t take my word for it.  This is something you’ll have to experience for yourself, if you are willing. 

Not only has gratitude given me a new sense of freedom over my emotions, it has also given me freedom in my business and in my numbers, and for that I am forever grateful. 

Gratitude is an emotion that keeps you connected to where you are, where you’ve been, and where you are going.  It keeps you connected to yourself, your friends and family, and to the source of all creation! 

I still have to remind myself to use the Thank You Cards that I buy, it is not easy for me to remember, however I make it a priority.    

I’d love to hear how you attract more business with gratitude.  

Until next time, BE grateful, think BIG, Take Inspired Action, and Enjoy the Journey!

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