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How to Manage Fear in Business

Fear is a Good Thing

Stay with me, as I explain why that is and give you some tools to really pay attention to your fears and use them as a launching board for your new level of success in your business.  I re-read the post I wrote about “The 3 Fears that Stop You From Winning in Business” after someone left a comment and I was inspired to write a follow up post to really help you understand that fear is a good thing.

Now, think of your business and those times that you made a huge leap in results.  If you are a consciously aware business owner, you’ll see how those leaps in results came on the heels of doing something that required a bit of good old fashioned faith and courage!

I know this is true for me.  Creating videos required me to call on huge reserves of faith and courage and as a result my Columbus BizTV channel  “Your Winning Mindset” had more views than the other Columbus BizTV channels in May.  Which led to more exposure, and in turn more people signed up for my free webinar and newsletter, and the results are still coming from my courage to take action in spite of not feeling confident on camera, and wanting to quit an try something new (“Maybe I should do more blogging!”).   I still experience some fear in business, however I’m currently leaping with faith and courage in another area of my business.  It is too soon to share anything tangible so I’ll save that for another post.

What you Need to Know about Fear. 

Fear is good.  Fear is a sign that you are moving into new territory.  It is a sign that you are changing and becoming something new.  Fear is an amazing tool to keep you aware of where you are in your business.

Stay with me, because there is more you need to know about fear in order for you to really make a leap in your life.

Let Go to Leap Forward

Spiritually, as we grow we let go of who we used to be and the space we take up becomes occupied by more of who we really are.  More simply put we let go of false ideas of our self and replace them with more accurate awareness of our true identity.  You are a spiritual being living in a physical body.  More of your authentic and true nature comes forth as you take each new step forward towards growth and achievement.  So if you want to grow and make a leap, let go of old perceptions of yourself as limited in any way, let go of old views of yourself that you’ve created for yourself that worked in the past but no longer work in moving your forward. Letting go is a spiritual art and when you learn to let go of false ideas of who you are and connect to the truth of your being, magic happens!

Emotionally, you let go of judgments that create the fear in the first place each time you make a leap.  Ask anyone who has overcome abuse, trauma, or addiction and is currently thriving, and they will tell you that they had to forgive and let go of judgments they held about themselves, the abuse,  or the addiction.  When you are growing and leaping in business, you are actively letting go of judgments about yourself, your clients, and your business as you make the leap.

Finally, physically you let go of doing things that no longer serve you and your business when you leap.  You let go of P.I.T.A. clients, projects, activities, and you streamline what you do to really focus on those things that are good for the life and growth of your business and you personally.

If you don’t’ have what you want, there is a fear that is holding you back from getting it.

A simple truth in your business is this; if you aren’t manifesting clients, money, and more freedom to do the things that matter, there is a fear that is holding you back from getting it.  Go back and re-read the post on The 3 Fears that Stop You From Winning in Business and it gives a quick overview of how the three fears; fear of poverty, fear of failure, and fear of criticism, manifest in your business.

Once you’ve identified which one of the fears you can most identify with, then practice seeing that fear as a sign that you are just about to take a leap.  The problem is that most people in business feel the fear and go on a mad race to find some external marketing tool, technology or program in hopes that something will take away the fear or at least distract them from it and what happens is they end up running around in circles doing a lot of work and yet they remain stuck with the same BS (Belief Systems) that they are so desperately trying to escape.

The only way to manifest the freedom that you really want is use your will to transform your spiritual, emotional, and physical energy of fear into the energy of faith.  Ease, joy, and effortless business building are achieved through recognizing your fear, transmuting it into faith and taking inspired action.

So think about your business again and the thing that you are avoiding, or struggling with and ask yourself which fear is stopping you from feeling free to take action.   And… Take Action!

Take a minute to post which of the 3 fears shows up when you are about to make a leap in your business and if you have a tool or tip to help others transform that fear into faith, please share so others can benefit from your wisdom.