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What’s the difference between inspiration and activation?

This week Robin Holland, a the member of my Wealth DNA community, asked me,  “I’m curious. What’s the difference between inspiration and activation?”

Robin is a luminary and a champion of the work of self-appreciation and she activates deep consciousness, just being in her presence can activate deeper awareness and understanding of your creative work in the world.   She is one of those people who naturally asks questions that help inspiration to flow through you, which makes her a great ally, and consultant for Creators. She knows a lot about activation and she knows when to ask questions that help us all gain clarity.

Here is her full question and my answer:

Inspiration or ActivationRobin:  “Dawn, I’m curious.  What’s the difference between inspiration and activation?  For example, several years ago I did JJ Virgin’s program and found I could release inflammation (joint aches, extra weight etc.) I picked up her exercise video this weekend, hadn’t taken on that part of the program and now looked at it. The mere watching of her has me re-inspired in implementing some changes for my health. Would you call that inspiration only? Or is she activating something. When I am attracted to a person’s blog or message or work, is an activation occurring? I am sure activations occur all the time. Curious about the underpinnings of activation.

Oh, and I appreciate myself for asking the question, for my curiosity and for my viewing of myself as a test lab.”

Dawn:  “it is clear to me that “inspiration’ is something that doesn’t stick to you. An activation is something more permanent. If watching her video changes you permanently at a cellular level you are activated. If you need to keep watching her video to stay inspired to to make the changes you are inspired. I’m sure there is both in JJ she is a powerful activator and an inspiration.

I’ll give you another example of how I activate the truth of ease. When some people hear me say, “easy and effortless” the words themselves stick to them, they feel them as truth. I’ve had clients say they hear my voice in their heads when they are struggling. The activation of the truth of ease sticks to them and they recall it when they are out of alignment with ease. (I hear myself saying it too! I’ve activated my own ease.) If that same client needed to watch a tape or a hear an MP3 to be reminded of ease they aren’t yet ‘activated.’ Or they could be resisting the activation they received. Resisting the activation would be like hearing my voice say, “easy and effortless” and denying ease is for you. 

Most of the time, I believe we are activated and changed by people and things that go unnoticed. Because we are not awake to what is going on with ourselves and appreciating how we change and transform daily. People’s inability to appreciate themselves and pay attention to their own subtle shifts are unconscious of the activations they receive every day. 

When I think of inspiration I think of being inspired to DO something different.

When I think of activation I think of being activated to BE something different.

Activation causes us to BE more of who we are meant to be (aka Divine!) it causes DNA: Divine Natural AlignmentTM.  For example, self-appreciation causes activation of our DNA, both at a chemical level and at a spiritual level.  We are transformed and forever changed to BE something different.”

motivation quoteI remember teaching my weekly Law of Attraction classes years ago and, Pat Smith, one of the regulars talked about how she needed to be there every week to help her stay motivated.

Inspiration is great when it comes to you from your guidance and leads you to take some sort of action, but inspiration, like motivation, doesn’t instantly change you at a cellular level.

This is not the first time I’ve been asked what the difference is between inspiration and activation.

Here is the same question asked at another time by a SASA community member and my slightly different answer:  (I’ll share what Amber activates in a future post, she is quite amazing too!)


Here are a few highlights:

Activation causes you to BE different.

Inspiration causes you to take action.

Activation is spontaneous.

Inspiration can be spontaneous.

Inspiration is something you are aware of.

Activation doesn’t have to come with conscious awareness.

Activation changes your DNA.

Inspiration changes your thoughts.


I’m still on the leading edge bringing the understanding of self-appreciation and DNA activation to the world.

If you have experiences, insights, or even inspirations about the topic, please share them!

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