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Do You Want to Start a Mastermind Group

Do you want to build an empire that is around long after you are gone or do you simply want to attract more clients?  Either way, you can start a mastermind group to help you achieve your goals!

In a previous post,  I gave you the keys to creating a winning mastermind group and in this post you’ll discover the key to selecting it’s members!

I’ve hosted mastermind groups for years on many different levels and my experience confirms Napoleon Hill’s advice on selecting members for your mastermind group, here are the qualities to insist on in your mastermind partners:

1. Dependability

Choose mastermind members who are dependable.  Dependability is a sign of integrity.  When the members of your mastermind group do what they say they are going to do regularly, they will be able to depend on each other when it really matters.  Everyone wants to be on time, however not everyone can be depended upon to actually do it.  Choose your mastermind partners wisely.  If a member doesn’t show up on time, follow through on their commitments, or is constantly missing meetings, it may be time to have a heart to heart with them.

2. Loyalty

You need to be the most loyal person in your mastermind group in order to inspire loyalty in others.  Having a mindset that you can always quit if things get tough or hectic is a scarcity thinking and it will always lead you to less life and less fun!  Being willing to commit to a mastermind group and being loyal to the purpose, the individuals and the inspiration that flows through a mastermind group is critical to your group’s success and your personal happiness.  The moment you allow your loyalties to wander, you give doubt, confusion, and disbelief the opportunity to take over your thoughts.

3. Ability

What ability do you have that can help the members of the mastermind group grow?  What abilities and skills do the other members have that you lack?  This is one of the key reasons to form a mastermind group, to leverage ability.   You don’t have to know how to do everything, but having a mastermind to share resources and knowledge with will greatly increase your ability to succeed in any endeavor.  You and your mastermind members must be willing to share your knowledge and ability with the rest of the group without holding anything back.  When everyone is loyal to each other and willing to share their knowledge and skills, then everyone wins!

4.  A Positive Attitude

This should go without saying, however it needs to be said!  Show all negative attitudes the door and do it fast!   Mastermind members who think about problems without offering solutions are showing their lack of awareness of what drives projects forward.  We’ve all been in a meeting where one person in the back, stands up to refute the presenter by poking holes in the data or to try to prove that they know more than the presenter.  There is no room for know it alls, or problem finders in a mastermind group unless they are offering solutions.  A positive attitude is much more than a happy face, it is an attitude that knows that if there is a problem, there is also a solution!

5. Willingness to Go the Extra Mile

Are you too busy to help out when needed?  Do you feel that you are pulled in multiple directions?  One way to cure this feeling of lack is to CHOOSE to go the extra mile.  When you go the extra mile within your mastermind group, you not only give support to your mastermind group, you tell the universe that you believe in abundance by your willingness to use your natural resources; your time and energy!   Choose members of your mastermind group who are willing to go the extra mile outside of the mastermind setting, whether it is through an introduction, sharing resources, or simply sending a note of encouragement.

6. Applied Faith

When you are working within a mastermind group with the purpose to make leaps in your business and in your life, you will run into invisible fences.  These invisible fences are doubts, worries, and fears.  Everyone experiences them as a natural result of growth and expansion.  “Applied Faith is the mental attitude wherein you can clear your mind of all fears and doubts and direct it to the attainment of what you desire in life.”   Every member of the most powerful mastermind groups have applied faith.   Applied faith is a learned skill, your ability to make use of it in a mastermind setting will determine your success or failure.    Select members of your mastermind group with seeds of faith, together you’ll become a powerful force for good!

7. A Clear Shared Common Goal

I can’t emphasize this enough.  If your mastermind group is not clear on the purpose and benefit to each individual in the group the mastermind will fail to exist.  Having a clear results oriented purpose for your mastermind group and a deadline for achieving the results within the group will provide direction for the other 6 characteristics needed within each member of your group.    The goal is 1/2 of the the secret to a successful mastermind group.

 Choose your Mastermind Partners Wisely!

Every member of your mastermind must be dependable to do what they say they are going to do. They must be loyal, and be able to perform their part in the mastermind.  One negative attitude can disrupt the entire mastermind group and if everyone is not willing to do more than they are asked then the other members of the group lose their motivation to participate.  However the ability to refuse to allow doubt worry or fear to enter the mastermind will help the group grow and prosper.  

And remember if you are forming a mastermind group you want to invite people who are dependable, who are loyal, who have ability or specialized knowledge,  AND who are willing to go the extra mile.

Your ability to apply your faith will prove to be the determining factor in sustaining your winning mastermind group.

Until next time,  BE grateful, Think BIG,  Take INSPIRED Action
and ENJOY the journey! 

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Dawn R Nocera,  Abundance Mindset Mentor, mentors entrepreneurs in over 7 countries how to use their gifts and exponentially grow their current businesses profits while leveraging their time so they can have the time and energy to do the things they really want to in life .
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