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How to Create Ease and Peace of Mind

How to Create Ease and Peace of Mind in Your Business.

Having the right mindset contributes to at least 80% of the success or failure in business.

We think that because we are growing a business it has to be hard work.  However I’ve found that when you are expressing your gifts and talents through your work, sharing your authentic value with clients, and you are receiving value in the form of profits, your work becomes so natural that it energizes you.

We view business from a very limited perspective and our ideas of business usually come from the entrepreneurs that surround us, or even our mentors.  We look at someone’s thriving business and we think, “My God! That looks incredibly hard!   There is no way I can do have a business like theirs.” or we think it has to be complicated.

In truth most businesses started with one simple idea.  One simple a-ha moment where an entrepreneur thinks, “I really love this _____!”  I think can make money doing this.

Here are a few tips to help you create ease and peace of mind while you are building and running your business:

  • Start out with the intention to allow building your business to be simple and easy.
  • Ease and peace of mind comes from knowing that you and your business are connected.  (you are one!)
  • Since you are your business are one, your business can guide you!
  • Follow your intuition and inner guidance along the way and create your business from a deep connection to Infinite Intelligence, God, Source, from your DNA (your Divine Natural Alignment)
  • Know where you are going.  I am not a fan of goals however I am a big fan of creating a vision for your business.
  • Practice breathing.  A lot.  Sometimes we hold our breaths and hope for the best, and that is not good for our bodies.  Learn to breathe deeply and appreciate yourself for being in the game of life instead of watching from the side lines.  Breathing is a powerful tool when you are mastering peace of mind and creating ease in your business.


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