What is your highest value offer?

Do you know what your highest value offer is?

Boy, did I strike a cord with people yesterday during my weekly Empire Building Mastermind Hangout!

It seems that many people in the personal development industry really got swept up in the internet marketing industry before they were ready to swim with the sharks.

Here is how the natural flow of service and growth is supposed to happen:

Start with EASE of Mind:

1.  YOU are inspired by a *DESIRE* to help people.

2.  YOU build faith and build your self-confidence that YOU CAN do this.  You learn to TRUST YOURSELF.

3.  You add fuel to your faith and desire by paying attention to the negative self-talk and negative opinions of others and you stand firm in your new direction.

4.  You spend time appreciating your gifts and talents.  You ask great questions of yourself to discover all the specialized knowledge and insights that you might have that will help you FULFILL your desire to help people.

5.  YOU use your imagination to help you cast a vision of possibilities.


6.  *YOU CREATE A PLAN* AND AN OFFER that uses all of your gifts and talents and helps the people you want to serve get a specific RESULT!


7.  THEN you *Prepare to Profit* by finding out where the people are who can afford to pay for your AMAZING service and you get in front of them.  And you communicate your value by sharing your value.  Give them a taste of who you are, how you can help, and what they can expect from working with you.

You INSPIRE ACTION (AKA Sales, Enrollment, Membership)

8.  THEN you have to make a commitment to growing and learning and offering your services every where you go.  Not because you want to get clients, but because you are an amazing coach and you KNOW you can help people get the result they want and you don’t like to see people struggling in the area you were designed to serve and help them get the results they want.

And at this point you have the FOUNDATION you need to find new and interesting ways to MARKET your services online, expand your services to offer more support for the people you serve.

You Nurture Your RELATIONSHIP with Your RESULTS

9.  Once you have these steps in place, your work then becomes creating an intimate and lasting relationship with your results.  This is the R in EmpiRe Building.  There is so much to this step of the luminary path, and most people will overlook it as a non-spiritual aspect of business.  This is the MOST spiritual aspect of your business.  This is where you see your inner world manifesting in your outer world and results are a divine expression of what is really going on subconsciously.  You can tell if you are acting as an activated luminary or an unlit candle.  Are you illuminating the path for others or not?

EXPANSION is a Natural RESULT of Steps 1 – 9

Confidence in how you are here to serve your community is the effect of being a conscious traveler on your luminary path.   Knowing that what you are offering helps people get to a specific result (health, money, relationships, enlightenment) and being able to communicate effectively to inspire action in the people you are here to serve, and clearly viewing your results as the blueprint of your inner world will naturally lead to your expansion and growth.  You won’t have to force anything to grow or expand, it will become a natural effect of doing things with consciousness.

Repeat.  Repeat.  Repeat.

And each time you feel yourself struggling you simply go back to step one and find new ways to create EASE of MIND and move through your steps and you naturally ATTRACT the perfect experts or gurus to help you along your path until you perfect your own system for success.

THAT Is what is supposed to happen in a perfect world.

But here is what usually happens…

1.  YOU are inspired by a *DESIRE* to help people.

2.  You build faith and confidence in someone else’s WAY to serve people.

3.  You add fuel to your faith and trust in someone else’s WAY by investing in their programs and trying to see how you can use what they are doing in your business. (I know I’ve done it!)

4.  You spend time wishing you had a business or had the presence that the guru has and you project all of your personal faith and self-confidence on to the person you’ve invested all of your money with.

5. THEN your imagination goes all wacky and you feel like a victim because you invested heavily in someone else’s High Value Offer and you didn’t get the results you wanted or expected.

6.  YOU create a plan to join someone else’s HVO program and you keep investing in other people’s programs until you are completely convinced there is something wrong with YOU.

And when you decide there is something wrong with you, you find yourself on a downward spiral.

And when you find yourself on a downward spiral, you begin to feel sorry for yourself.

And when you feel sorry for yourself, the clients you do have don’t want to work with you any more.

And when your clients don’t want to work with you any more, you settle for taking on clients that are not the right fit.

And when you take on clients that are not the right fit, you start judging them.

And when you start judging your clients, you start attracting even more clients that are just like the ones you judge.

And when you attract more clients that you judge, you don’t put the time or energy into serving them as you would if they were a perfect fit.

And when you don’t put time into your clients, they begin to riot in the streets.

And when your clients riot in the streets, they turn into monsters!

And when they turn into monsters, they destroy everything they see.

And when they destroy everything they see, they destroy the world!

And when they destroy the world… well there is no more you or me.

So, don’t let your clients turn into monsters, take time to discover your highest value offer!

What is my HVO?  I help coaches and entrepreneurs create highly leveraged Luminary Empires by holding their hands as they create and fill their own group coaching and mastermind programs.

To apply go to http://dawnnocera.com/apply

WHAT is your HVO?

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