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Intuition or Reason to Run Your Business?

What system do you use to grow your business?

Do you know when to use your intuition to help grow your business and when reason is best?



The whole idea of System 1 and System 2 came from Daniel Kahneman.  In his book, Thinking, Fast and Slow.  Kahneman describes two systems of thinking, System 1 is the Intuitive system, which is fast and as he says, unreliable, and System 2 is slow, steady, and runs on past knowledge and experience.

I like using System 1.  It is entirely more fun, gives me energy, and always leaves me with a sense of wellbeing.  System 2 on the other hand makes me feel “stuck,” which is why I rely on other people and systems to provide me with the data so I can let System 1 guide me to the next action to take in my business.

The problem for most people is they run their entire business on System 2.  They create a business based on Reason.  They see a need in the market place and they do research and the research shows that it would be a great business to start.  They create a business plan, and they may even use a proven system to market their idea.   Then when it is time to implement their business, or launch it, they fall short because they have no INSPIRATION to keep motivated and energized to move the idea forward.   If their numbers go down, they look within the numbers to see where they can shuffle things around to make things work, cut back here, hold off on this marketing idea there, and they totally miss the opportunity to build a business that is designed to think outside of the numbers.  This is where System 1 comes into play.

System 1 is about possibilities, boundlessness, inspiration, and creativity.

Practice using both systems together when you are making decisions, solving problems and creating change in your business.   You may find that thinking outside of your natural system will help you create the change that you want.

And if you just can’t seem to see a solution call in your mastermind partners to help you access the solution.

I’d love to know what system you naturally use to run your business.

Leave a comment and share your a-has, your opinions, and your advice on using either reason or intuition in business.

Until next time, “BE Grateful, Think BIG, Take INSPIRED Action, and ENJOY the Journey!”


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Dawn R Nocera,  Success Mindset Mentor, mentors entrepreneurs in over 7 countries to help them grow their current businesses profits while leveraging their time so they can have the time and energy to do the things they really want to in life. 

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A special note of gratitude to the newest members of my community who are actively sharing these mindset tips with their personal & professional communities.   Much love to you, and may you experience meaning and purpose in living truly abundant lives! 

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