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The Energy of Decision

Last week on the Women Think and Grow Rich Coaching and Conversation hangout, we talked about “Chapter 8:  Decision – The Mastery Over Procrastination” from Napoleon Hill’s original edition of Think and Grow Rich.  

And WOW!  We blew this chapter out of the water.  

Hill understood the power of decision and the entire chapter is about the courage it takes to make a powerful decision like the one it took to create The United States of America.  One of the participants, said she could feel herself getting angry while reading this chapter.   She is not the first person to say that.  I’ve been facilitating Think and Grow Rich book studies and master mind groups for years and there are a few chapters that really stir the pot for women.  Chapter 11 turns most women off untill they hear what it is really about and many people struggle with the chapter on decision.

A lot of passion goes into raising conscious awareness around any topic.   We really had a passionate consciousness raising conversation about decision.

I love how naturally things move when I am tuned into the flow of consciouness that surrounds a great discussion.  This week was no different.

There were 3 points that I wanted to make sure we touched upon.

1.  Decisions come with equal amounts of opposition to the courage it takes to make the decision.   This is important to know as a woman or even as a man who really wants to embody grace and ease in your life.  There are decisions that require extreme amounts of courage to make, however most situations don’t require that sort of do or die decision making.   When you make a decision you are cutting yourself off from any other option than what you are deciding.   Choose and allow the universe to bring you whatever you need.

2.  Choosing what you want and moving forward from a place of choice is a much more graceful way to live.   When you make a choice, you make it from a more empowered potition and you create space for your own foward movement without opposition.  This may seem like word play, and you’re right.  Words have a life of their own and when you choose what you want instead of making a hard decision to have it, you create a “resitence free zone” within your subconscious.   One of the guest, Andrea from Toronto, brought up the resitence free zone of choice during the hangout.    It is brilliant.  And so true.  But you have to try it.  Start being conscious of the choices you are making every day.  Then move your awareness to make choices from a place of desire.  Choose what you want and what feels good for you.  Making decisions from a place of choice about what you really want instead of making decisions about what you think you should do, have, or be is your powerful point of attraction.  Don’t take my word for it, experiment with it.

Choose and allow.

3.  The power behind a choice is trust.  You can make a decision to have what you want or you can choose what you want, neither words will make any difference in your life unless you take forward action towards the thing you want.   If you really want to tap into your personal power, get very comfortable with Trust.   When you choose what you want from a centred state of mind and trust yourself enough to take just the next tiny step, that is all you’ll ever need.  Every step you take after choosing what you want is the next step.  When you learn to trust yourself and trust your creator source, you gain divine momentum.   Trust is the fuel that keeps choice moving.

So much came up in the hangout.  My greatest inspiration comes in response to the conversation, either live or via email, because I’m sharing what I know to be true.

We are the presence of love.

Bonus Point

This little bonus discussion toward the end of the hangout was so valuable at wrapping up the discussion on the power of choice.

One of the participants said,  “I find myself fighting with two sides of myself.  The bold me and the other part of me that just wants to stay in bed with the covers over my head.”

When you are in the space of duality, the magic pill is to just appreciate yourself.  Self-appreciation is the magic pill.  On days when you don’t feel like getting out of bed and you hear that little voice in your head start to criticize yourself for being lazy or unmotivated, choosing to appreciate yourself is a powerful way to shift out of self-pity to self-power. You might say, “Even though I’m feeling, lazy,  I completely love myself.”  Then you can make a choice to get out of bed or stay in and be lazy.   Either way you are in your power because you are making a consious choice.

The more you are aware of the choices you make every day, the more you remain in your power.   Being in a state of conscious choice and notincing the choices you are making every day, draws all of your power into the moment.   You become aware of yourself and take resposibility for the choice you make.   Being in the now, appreciating the moment, and choosing what is next for you now, is where all of your power lies.

Napoleon Hill understood what it feels like to be in a place of masculine power.  Choosing and allowing is what it feels like to be in a place of graceful power.  Get confortable recognizing what it feels like for YOU to be in YOUR power.   This is something that no one can explain to you, you have to feel it and experience it for yourself.

Be patient with yourself too.  You want to grow into knowing yourself as someone who chooses excellence, expansion, and more engagement with life, while being completely self-loving and self-appreciating.   The emergence of this awareness may take a little wiggling into.  It is there.  You are already divinely and naturally aligned.

Until next time, Be Grateful, (And appreciate the work you do!) Think BIG, Take INSPIRED Action, and ENJOY the Journey!

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