Let Appreciation Lead The Way

I’ve been feeling a bit stuck in writing my blog posts and my newsletters over the past few weeks.   Something new is emerging and I’ve been hesitant to pause and ask,  “What is it?”  

I’m not the only one experiencing some resistance to sharing their wisdom through writing lately, it seems like things are evolving so fast that our work is having a hard time keeping up with us.

The truth is that when we are struggling to share our wisdom, feeling overwhelmed by massive inner expansion, or simply dissatisfied with what we are putting out there, rest assured something more is wanting to emerge.


“Self-appreciation helps you connect with what wants to emerge.”

I appreciate the spiritual truth that everything on the outside is a mirror image of what is going on in the inside.  So when one of my SASA (Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation) group members shared so authentically that she was “Pressing the Pause Button” for a day or two on her blog,  I knew it was time for me to take a look at what was going on inside of me.

“What wants to emerge?”

I appreciate how some questions just don’t want to be answered until we explore what we really want.  “So, what do I really want from writing this post? ..any post?”    That is the deeper question that wants answered.  Hmm…

What do I want from writing?

I really want to communicate from my heart.  I want to share what is going on in my world, in my life and in my business with as much authenticity and transparency as I can access through writing.   I know that if I share what I’m experiencing on my luminary path, especially the emotional highs and lows, I can help but to be of deeper service to you and your purpose.

I want you to know who I am through sharing what I appreciate about my life and my business and how I use self-appreciation to navigate the waves of emotions that come up as I grow and expand in the work I’m called to do.

What I don’t want to do is be a know-it-all advice giver who follows a formula for blogging that has no heart, no intention to help, and no real life experience to share.

Part of my frustration with blogging is that most of the blogs I see are written without depth or authenticity.  And if that is the bar I’m setting for myself, well, I have a lot to learn or relearn.

Sharing my stuckness about writing is helping me, and I’d be holding back if I didn’t let you know that I still catch myself comparing myself and my writing to other luminary bloggers.  It creates a feeling of pressure in me that needs a release through action.  In the past I might have put a competitive hat on and moved into massive thought based action,  or I would have ignored the pressure all together and done nothing.

Neither option leads to conscious action, which is what I’m most after these days.  My deepest desire is to know myself more consciously through my thoughts, my feelings and through my actions.   I want to discover the depths of my divine desires and I want to move with easy and effortless action in that direction.   I want to always be in the dance of self-discovery and self-expansion.

So, as I’m thinking about it, feeling what is coming up, and doing my best to upgrade my writing, my inner guidance is reminding me to let appreciation lead the way.

Me appreciating you and the work you do in the world!
Me appreciating you and the work you do in the world!

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