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No More BS In Your Business

Stop the Business BS. 

Please stop telling yourself you need a website before you start your business.  Please stop looking towards social media to save you from low profits.  Please stop thinking you have to send an email out every week in order to create clients.  

None of this is true.  

Unless you are in the website business, then you need a website.  If your business is helping people make money via social media, then you should probably know how to make that work.  And emails are great as long as you are sending something that is helpful.  

It is BS to think that what works for other people will work for you.  

What works is listening to your inner guidance and taking action.  

What works is practicing self-appreciation.  When you appreciate yourself fully, it is really hard to do anything that you don’t love! 

What works is finding what works for you and putting your heart into it.

Keep things ridiculously simple, it is easier to see what is working and what is not.

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