What is your Divine Intention?

After writing the post on Intention and inspiration, I was given a beautiful lesson from my spiritual mentors on what true and Divine Intention is, as opposed to physical or psychological intention that I wrote about in the previous post.   I hope you find it helps you bridge the gap between intention and inspiration like it did for me.

What I described in the previous post as Intention is mostly physical or psychological intention. According to my spiritual mentor when he is speaking of Intention, he is speaking only of what you want to be.  He shared that our Intention is our God particle.   Intention is not something we set, it is something we discover that is already in us.  I love this definition of intention.

My Intention is to be ME, not the me that someone else wants me to be, not the me that my mom thought I should be, not the me that my husband wants me to be, not the me that my kids want me to be, but my intention is to be the ME I want to be.  My Divine Intention is to live as fully manifested in each moment as I can be, that means there is no hiding, or holding back my highest service.

That part of us that is calling us forward from within is who we really are. That is our God Particle, our Divine Intention.  Everything else is just ‘matter’ or the physical stuff we are made of.

So beautiful!  Our Intention is our God Particle.  It is the creative force within us.

So when we live by Divine Intention inspiration, synchronicity, and miracles are a natural result. The universe serves us by putting into motion all the support we need to become THAT.

What is your Divine Intention?

Who do you want to BE?

Try this Self-Appreciation Exercise

If you don’t know who you want to BE, or if you are still trying to discover who you are without the conditions of what other people think you should be, try this.

Sit in a relaxed state of mind and simply appreciate yourself for whatever you are feeling when it comes to knowing your Divine Intention.  If you feel anxious, appreciate your awareness of the feeling.  If you feel hopeful, appreciate your awareness of that feeling.  No matter what you are feeling simply appreciate yourself for being aware that you recognize that you are tapping into your emotions.  Appreciate yourself for being willing to feel what ever you are feeling in this moment about your Divine Intention.   When you get to this phase of appreciating yourself, let go of all mental activity about trying to figure it out.  Don’t even wonder about what your Divine Intention is.  Allow yourself to receive the inspiration from your Higher Self, from the God particle that is in you.  It might not happen right away, but over time as you become aware of the emotions and appreciate yourself,  those emotions you have,  and especially the awareness that you are actually aware of your emotions, you will slowly be able to remember who you are and what your Divine Intention really is.

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  1. Beth Cummings Dawson

    Awe Inspiring, I’d like to know more about this sounds like iI mayb able to learn. I’m 57, widowed 10 yrs I have been interested in higher spiritual learning for years but haven’t been able to quiet my mind long enough to just meditate. Yet I feel more connected all the time – to Spirit and my loved ones above. So…

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