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How To Travel The Path Of Least Resistance

Are you ready to drop the resistance to BEING the light you are designed to be in the world?  Are you ready to drop the resistance to RECEIVING divine and physical support from every direction?  Are you ready to drop the resistance to BEING YOU?

There is the Luminary Path which is the path of least resistance and then there is the “Other Path” which is full of struggle, fear, and scarcity which comes masked as marketing tactics, proven systems, and check lists.  I’ve traveled the “Other Path” I’ve created proven systems and check lists, and you will even find a few still lingering on my site.  The truth is, non of those proven systems, marketing tactics, or check lists work if they are not coming to you with a sense of relief, as an answer to your prayers, as the next easy step on your journey.

The Luminary Path is the path of least resistance.

The next step is the step you feel called or guided to take.  When you feel called and guided it is so much easier.  This is the easiest step on your journey.  I’ve come to understand that the path of least resistance consists of the following principles:

  1. Activation:
    Awareness of how to activate your own DNA – Divine Natural Alignment  and the DNA of your clients, community, and the world.  Activating the light that you & your work, message are in the world.
  2. Authenticity:
    Your inner authority to powerfully & vulnerably be yourself in any given moment and to embrace embrace and OWN both sides of the coin of your existence.
  3. Alignment:
    Aligning with your Higher Self and LISTENING to your own deep wisdom and the highest calling of your tribe and integrating higher frequency vibrations into physical reality.
  4. Appreciation:
    Appreciating yourself, your work, and the impact you make in the world.  Self-appreciation and self-love are required in order for you to manifest anything you want in life.  Learning to appreciate yourself and your own evolution is the Master Path of the Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation.  Most importantly appreciating your growing awareness of who you really are.
  5. Abundance:
    Consciously choosing to receive abundance of prosperity along the way.   Releasing resistance and creating space for receiving, making, creating, and earning more money. Creating the space to receive love, support, and appreciation from others.  The path of least resistance is a joyful experience of receiving universal support in all of it’s manifestations.

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