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Doesn’t Appreciating What You Don’t Want Attract More Of It?

Dawn, I’m sure I’ve asked you this before. But doesn’t appreciating yourself or appreciating anything that is circumstantially not what you want by the law of attraction drawing more of that what you don’t want to you?

I thought it would be helpful to break down my experience of how self-appreciation and the law of attraction work together so you can get to the place of understanding.

Some background about my work with the law of attraction and manifesting so you have a framework for where I’ve been:

I taught a weekly Law of Attraction class for 6 years, facilitated Think and Grow Rich Mastermind Groups for over 10 years, and explored the consciousness of manifesting very seriously most of my life.   I have personally manifested money, clients, relationships, world travel, lasting friendships, jobs, etc.   And I’ve helped a lot of successful people manifest a lot more success in their work.

My mentors and coaches in manifesting and the law of attraction have been some amazing people, Bob Proctor, Joe Vitale, Lynne Twist, Dr Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, Edwene Gaines, and a long list of ‘dead people’ including Napoleon Hill, who to this day ‘shouts’ at me to share the deeper truths in his work more often.  But that is another story.

I guess what I’m trying to convey is that I’m highly qualified to help people manifest what they want.  This is the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life.

There is a myth about the law of attraction that really stops people from evolving beyond their current vibrational frequency.   The myth or belief is that negative thinking will somehow lower your vibrational frequency and that is not true at tall.  Negative thinking simply keeps you at your current level of belief.  And your current level of belief sets your vibrational frequency.

I won’t go into the law of attraction here, other than to say it works all the time and learning to be aware of how you feel is crucial to learning how to master the law of attraction and creating the life that you want.  But my experience is that after people watch “The Secret”, read books about the law of attraction, and try to “Think and Grow Rich” stay stuck in their mind… Thinking of how to get rich and thinking of how to take the next step. They may even think their way into taking a lot of action, and taking giant leaps, but  they never really get to the point where they can change their internal state along with their external circumstances.

Basically, they use their thoughts to help escape their emotions.  They act as if they are afraid of real honest grief, or emotional pain.   Let me pause this train of thought long enough to say there is value in thinking as long as it helps you feel good, as long as it is helping you find the emotion, the passion, the desire, the SOUL of what you are doing.   When you use thought to help you hide your emotional state and the way you really feel deep down inside, it doesn’t help in the long run.   I know this state of escape all too well.

I used to be so ‘afraid’ of feeling the negative emotions that I’d push them down, hide them and imagine that If hey didn’t see the light of day, they didn’t exist.  The more I tried to hide those negative emotions (anger, rage, boredom, fear, sadness, etc) the more powerfully they would emerge when I least expected them.  The more I tried to hide them the more I missed the opportunity to be honest with myself about what was really going on in me.

When I got the clear message, that all I needed to do was appreciate myself through all of my emotional waves, the more I felt empowered to claim my emotional self and not deny that part of me.   Everything changed in my life when I stopped being afraid of my emotions and how I feel.  It was so awkward at first and it took a lot of vulnerability but I did it and I now I welcome those moments of conflict and chaos that used to send me running.  I appreciate myself for being willing to look at the shadow side of who I am without fear.

When you surround anything with appreciation you are honoring it and allowing it to show you it’s deepest truth.   Then and only then, will it be honored and released of it’s grip.  I was told through a series of meditations, a series of shaman, and gifted intuitives that my work with self-appreciation is the technology that allows us to participate in our own evolution.  It helps us release the old, accept the now, let go/surrender what we can’t control, AND it is the same tool that helps us gain clarity of what we really want as opposed to what we think we should want (this is a huge evolutionary block for a lot of people!)

It also helps us align with what we really want AND it helps us integrate the new frequencies we are creating by being aligned with the NOW.  Which is the greatest power of The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciaiton-it helps us learn to be grounded in the NOW and feel the possibility of what wants to emerge from the moment.   The only power we can access is the power of the NOW.

The coolest natural result of Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation is that our superpowers come online and we activate our own DNA= Divine Natural Alignment.   Source LOVES the full range of emotions and is never afraid of the darkest feelings because Source appreciates them as a part of our natural expansion!

Without appreciating ourselves and being aware of how we truly feel, those emotions get packed back in to our subconscious and each time we deny our feelings they become a denser and greater unconscious ‘attractive’ force.  I’m sure you’ve heard, “What you resist persists.”  It happens with emotions and people just don’t know what to do with them.  They feel powerless and afraid of how they feel, and in truth our Power comes from our feelings.

The question I offered in response to this question is, “How do you feel about the changes in you since doing the work of self-appreciation? Do you feel more connected to yourself?  Do you feel more capable of creating the life you want?”  Most people who do the work of self-appreciation become attuned to their own emotional state and they can feel the subtle energies of fear coming long before they become a problem and they no longer hide from how they really are.

If you can embrace your emotions, you can use your mind to help you create subtle shift in how you feel about yourself and then you can create the life you want without apology.

The truth is when you appreciate yourself the universe response by sending you all the support you need to be MORE of who you really are.  And you are really an amazing light in the world.

Share what you appreciate about yourself below. Three times a year I do a Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation Challenge during Mercury Retrograde. It is a great way for you to practice self-appreciation while being witnessed by others in a group.

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