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Are You Setting Luminary Goals?

Or Are You Waiting for a Divine Assignment?

Before I get into today’s note, it may be best that you take a huge deep breath.

Go ahead, breathe.

So, are you setting luminary goals?  OR are You still waiting for your divine assignment?

Really think about this.

I had a wonderful “after party” in the green room of my Empire Building Hangout today.

And one of the women who is an artist and a healer admitted that the reason she was struggling with crafting her offer (aka, deciding what service to sell)  was that she felt like she was waiting for her next divine assignment. She confessed that not having an offer and not knowing what service she should offer her clients was pretty much stopping her in her tracks. Interestingly enough, she is brilliant at helping other people access new levels of health and awareness, but she was waiting on a sign from the universe that would direct her and tell her what to do.

Can you relate to this?  I know I can.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve caught myself waiting for some divine assignment on my Luminary Path.  There seems to be an epidemic of highly gifted luminaries waiting… and waiting… and waiting…

Take another deep breath, you might need it.

The divine assignment that you are waiting for the universe to give you, will come from you.  Yes, you read that right.  You are the divine assignment giver!   You knew that intellectually, maybe even spiritually, but have you really thought about that when it comes to setting goals and offering your services?  Are you still waiting for God or the Universe to tell you what you “should” do?

Ok, you can breathe now.

There is a huge difference that setting luminary goals makes as opposed to waiting for an assignment.  The difference is taking responsibility for your life instead of passing on the responsibility to someone else.   Here is where it gets real.

What are Luminary Goals?

Luminary goals are goals made consciously from the awareness of your own divinity.  Deep. They are heart felts goals from the core of your being.  Luminary goals are goals made from conscious choice that you are the decision maker of what you want to do, not what you ‘should’ do.

Are you starting to feel the difference?

Until you take responsibility for your decisions and your own divine power, you are always going to wait…  and wait… and wait.

Setting Luminary Goals Makes Your Life Easier

Luminary goals help you see your own light while you are traveling The Luminary Path.  When you know who you are, and you own your gifts and abilities, life becomes so much easier.  You stop making excuses as to why you can’t do what you want to do in your business and you  start trusting yourself as a powerful co-creator with the Source of all creation.

It really is a magical way to build your business.

Let me know what you think.

Share what you appreciate about yourself below. Three times a year I do a Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation Challenge during Mercury Retrograde. It is a great way for you to practice self-appreciation while being witnessed by others in a group.

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