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What Are You Activating?

Do you know what you activate in the world?  Most people have no idea how their presence activates the world around them.   I’ve been sharing this part of my work with a small group of luminary women who are doing the work of The Sacred Art of Self-Appreciation.  Here is what one of the women said about knowing what she activates.  

[Shared with permission, reprinted from Pamelah Landers’ newsletter]

Activating Healing Abuse
by Pamelah Landers, Master Hand Analyst

Quite a few months ago, maybe about a year and 1/2, I sent a recording of me singing to my friend, Dawn Nocera. I hadn’t told her why I was sending it. Or that I was. It was a surprise.

Her email response was , “You activate healing abuse.”

I was expecting that maybe she would say, “You have a lovely voice.” Or “I love hearing you sing.” Or even, “thanks – very nice.” 

But no, a life-changing response came from Dawn. Now that I know her even better, I expect nothing less than a life-changing experience when we connect! Because it always happens between Dawn and me. 

At the time, it was shocking and enlivening all at the same time to hear that my voice has a specific activation.

I heal abuse? Through my singing?

Here I am last decade when I was in a group voice lessons experience. I didn’t know it then, but being in that class I was activating healing abuse with the the other students and the teacher. It’s what I do. See more below.

My “dot-connection” was remembering that in 2007 I had this knowing (it came from guidance one day) that this life time I am here to help heal abuse and neglect. God knows I had been through enough abuse to know the experience.

And I had had enough healing to also know the difference between feeling abused and neglected, and being supported, loved and taken care of.

Just imagine. My voice heals abuse.   

I also connected the dots by remembering years ago, maybe decades ago, somebody told me that my work in life is about my voice.

It would be a few weeks after Dawn’s revelation that I would really grasp that the abuse wasn’t just from others, but self-abuse. Dawn told me that early on but it didn’t resonate. I had to grow into  feeling that truth.

Over a few months, as Dawn and I continued to talk about activations, more in the background than foreground, we talked about how my art activates healing abuse when I started painting mandalas. The awareness about activating healing abuse happened about 3 months before I took an art class in Laguna Beach to learn how to paint mandalas.

When Dawn saw this, she also shared how it activated healing abuse.  By December 2014, Dawn was sharing with a small group of us what we activate through our art. She sees it. It’s one of Dawn’s superpowers. She sees truth. She activates truth. So her ability to see what art activates is part of this superpower gift.

By then I felt much freer to support people’s healing. I don’t need to sing. I can paint and still activate healing abuse – or self and others abusing you.

Months later I started grasping, and it deepened this year, that my PRESENCE activates healing abuse. Me being in the space. Me talking with somebody. Teaching a class. Doing a private reading or mentoring session. 

Whatever I am doing or being, my presence activates healing abuse. It’s more than my voice and art. It’s all of who I am.

You know that phrase, “wherever you go, there you are.” It applies here very well. 

When I checked into the suite here in Palm Desert about 10 days ago, I was at the office about 5 times within about 2 hours, interacting with the male manager. 

I actually was aware that maybe the reason he forgot to give me the WIFI info was because he was asking for an activation to heal some type of abuse – self or from others and wanted multiple visits by me. My presence, multiple times, was being asked for to activate what was happening for him. Maybe. 

Maybe that’s why I had to keep going down there to ask for things, like extra spoons and how to use the remotes. He even came to my room to make sure the TV system was set up with the remotes (it wasn’t set up right which is why I couldn’t figure it out.)

Or maybe I needed what he activates (I don’t know what that is exactly.) Or maybe it was both.

What I do know is that being conscious of this now, I don’t take it personally when somebody doesn’t want t hang out with me. I get it. It may not be the right time to have abuse activated. It may be a really “wrong time.” Or they have reached their capacity for what I activate and are moving on to another process of being activated for some other part of their life. 

Whatever it is, it isn’t personal. And that is a big relief!

So while I am here in Palm Desert, I continue to listen to my guidance and intuition about where to go, when and for how long. Because I know wherever I go, I activate. And I am activated by others as well. And that is also part of the mix. It’s what is. I take responsibility for it now in a way that I hadn’t been aware of before.

Because of Dawn, I know what my close friends activate so I am aware of when I am wanting a certain type of support or activation, I know who to reach out to. When I’m not ready for that, I don’t reach out to that person. It’s really simplified my interactions.

Much love,


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