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Wisdom Is The Way

Wisdom is the way. 

I love the wisdom that can be found in everyday life.  I was having coffee at a local coffee shop, half working, and half eavesdropping when I heard a beautiful wisdom filled conversation between 2 women in their late 70’s or early 80’s.  

I learned that one of the women was on her way to Sedona, AZ for a spiritual retreat, the other was planning a girlfriend gathering to support another friend whose husband was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.   I made a mental note to myself and offered a whisper of desire to the universe,  “That or something better in my 80’s.”

As I listened in I heard one woman asked the other about their yoga teacher, “What do you think about his enlightenment?”

The other sighed and responded with thoughtful wisdom, “He does his inner work, however he still believes that his way is the only way.   So, I’m uncertain if he’ll fully get it anytime soon.”  

I remember thinking that the way I did things was the only way to do them.  I also know how much I don’t like being told by someone else that there is only one way to do something, whether it is losing weight, marketing your business, or become enlightened.

There is something magical about growing older, you come to realize that there is more than one way to do most anything.

When we believe there needs to be a set of conditions that students and clients need to follow in order for them to arrive where we are guiding taking them to be, we set ourselves up to take responsibility for their success or failure whether they get there or not.   The responsibility is not ours, it is theirs.   As luminary coaches, mentors, and guides our work is to dig deep into our own life experience, take responsibility for our own journey, and appreciate the moments when we shifted out of our own conditional way of being and where we learned to embrace and activate our soul’s deepest wisdom.   We create the space of possibility for others to be activated when we stop holding back our deepest wisdom and truth.

Dawn Nocera helps coaches, mentors, and guides discover and appreciate what they activate in the world so ultimately you can get paid to share your deepest wisdom and grow a beautiful soul friendly business as a maverick leader- activating millions with your very presence.  

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