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Self-Appreciation And The Law Of Attraction

For years I taught a weekly Law of Attraction workshop and we practiced ‘gratitude as a way to set our vibration to attract more of what we want in our lives.  Since then, I’ve found that gratitude misses the mark for me and I practiced gratitude consistently for 10 years.

Here is why…

Gratitude says, “Thanks for being in my life. I like having you here.” Appreciation says, “I see the VALUE in your presence in my life. I get you. You increase who I am.”

Most of us are looking outside of ourselves when we think of gratitude.  I’m grateful for my car (out there) I’m grateful for the sun, food, water, electric… etc.  They are all outside of yourself.  And if you understand the law of attraction, what you put your attention on is your attraction point.  (Go back and read that last sentence again.)  When your attention is out there being grateful for something that is outside of yourself you have to do a lot of work to bridge that gap. However, if you attention is on self-appreciation FIRST, you are setting your point of attraction to YOU.   The people who manifest the easiest are those that have a deep sense of self-love and self-appreciation and they manifest from the most fertile garden of attraction.


“If you attention is on self-appreciation FIRST, you are setting your point of attraction to YOU.”

Appreciate yourself!   YOU are your point of attraction. YOU are the center of YOUR universe. YOU are the light you seek. There is nothing that needs to be fixed or figured out other than how can you love and appreciate yourself more.  Seriously.

I know there is nothing I can do to convince you that BIG changes come from this simple practice.   This is why all of the work I do now is ONLY with other Luminary mentors, coaches, and leaders who want to grow in life, or in their business and who are committed to doing the work of self-appreciation and want grow to love themselves more and more every day.

This is so much more than self-care, this is the work that keeps you on your luminary path.

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