Happy Birthday! Celebrate YOU!

Happy Birthday! 

I don’t know if it is your birthday or not, but I’m in the mood to celebrate birthdays!

Yesterday my son turned 11 and he said it was the best birthday ever!  My birthday was July, 11 and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.  In September my oldest daughtger turns 17 and in October my youngest daughter turns 9.  The season of celebrating life is here! 

Then again, it’s always the season to celebrate life. 

I want to help you celebrate your birth and your life. 

There is a ritual that I do every year on my birthday and it has helped me start each new year of my life in a magical way.   I’d love to share this ritual with you on your birthday so you can create a magical life as well. 

Everyday is a chance to celebrate your life.  And twice a day, Father Time reminds you of the gift of your life.  For me the time is 7:11 am and pm.  When I notice that the time is 7:11, I stop and take a minute to celebrate my life.  Don’t take this too lightly.  There are people out there that curse the day they were born!  Not you.  You are in my world because you want to deepen your relationship with your self, deepen your self-expression in the world, and receive the rewards of adding value where it is needed (ie Increase joy & profits!) Each one of my kids knows that Time celebrates their life twice a day, and when we notice the clock stiking each other’s birthday times, we collectively celebrate each other with a one minute party!  That could be a total of 10 one minute parties every day for my family.   

There is no need to watch the clock, once you are aware that Time celebrates you, you’ll notice your birthday on the clock more often. 

When you tune into the fact that life celebrates you, you align with the divine grace that is flowing freely in your life.  You become a receiver of good.

As you begin celebrating your life, you are more able to celebrate the lives of those you love.  And as your appreciation for your family and your clients grows you are more able to let go of beliefs about the world that no longer serve you.  And as you let go of those beliefs, you are free to tune into more and more good.  It is an endless upward spiral of grace.  

You can attract more wealth, more joy, and better relationships, simply by celebrating YOU!

But don’t take my word for it!   Try it out for yourself. 

I’d love to know how you choose to celebrate your life. 

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