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7 Signs Your Teen is Destined to be an Entrepreneur

How to tell if your teen is an entrepreneur in the making

You may be a parent who is concerned by some of the behaviors of your teen.   Recently, I’ve heard more than one parent express their ‘concern’ for their teens ‘unmotivated’ behaviors.

Some of these concerns I recognize as “tale tale signs” that their teen might be an entrepreneur in the making.     So, for fun I decided to come up with a list of “7 Signs Your Teen is Destined to be an Entrepreneur.”

“7 Signs Your Teen is Destined to be an Entrepreneur” 

 1.  They stay up late cramming for a test the night before they take it.

2.  They refuse to be told what to do.

3.  They value their personal freedom over all else.

4.  They don’t accept no for an answer.

5.  If they temporarily accept “no” for an answer it is only because they have moved on to figuring out how to get the answer they want on their own.

6.  You rarely hear them ask for help.

7.  They are determined to live their life the way they want.

I am sure there are plenty of other signs that your teen is destined to be an entrepreneur, and some of these signs won’t actually help them once they become an entrepreneur.  But parents, there may be hope for your sons or daughters who seem disconnected from the rest their family and especially authority figures.   They may be preparing themselves to think for themselves, which IS a vital ingredient to being a successful entrepreneur in any field!

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