What is an Activation Statement?

If you love affirmations and you enjoy the shifts they help you create in your life, you’ll love Activations.  After posting a simple image post with an #Activation, I received some feedback and a few questions regarding the difference between the two.  I wanted to share that conversation with you…

Here is a look at the post I shared about Purpose #Activations on Facebook:




So What Are Activations?

  • Activations are powerful statements with the sole/soul purpose of Activating your DNA – Divine Natural Alignment(TM).
  • Activations “turn on” the lights of who you already are.
  • Activations feel powerful the first time you say them, because they come from a place of power within you.

What is the difference between an Activation and an Affirmation?

Here is a piece of the conversation that deeped the awareness of the power of Activations:


So, What Is The Difference?

  • Affirmations are convincing statements, designed to convince ourselves through “I am” statements.
  • Activations are statements of truth, they “turn you on” when you say them.
  • The most powerful activation statements start with “I am activated!”
  • Affirmations are designed to help you change your perception of what is.
  • Activations are designed to help you own the power of your truth so you can take action that flows with ease from you.
  • Activations don’t have to start with “I am.”
  • Activaitons ignite higher frequencies and powerful emotions.

Here are some great #Activations to help you Activate (Turn on) your DNA Divine Natural Alignment(TM).

“I am activated to peace, joy, and fun in my life.”

“I am activated to share my gifts and my light.”

“I rock!”  (One of my favorites!)

“I was born for this!”

“I activate truth in this situation.”

“I am activated to higher and higher freqencies!”

You almost want to put an exclaimation point(!) at the end of each activation statement.  They make you feel that good.

Affirmations without the feelings have no power, which is why learning about activation statements can really help.  I love affirmations and activations.  The real magic is in choosing statements that trigger feelings that light you up and make you feel more YOU!

My personal activation statement helps me stay focused on the value I provide to the world.  “I activate Self-Appreciation!”  And it keeps me moving, and sharing, and connecting with more people who want to activate the magic in their world.

Oh, If you want to connect with Cindy and read her affirmations book or view her activating art (yes, art activates!) you can find her at CindyHeadley.com, or check out her book on Amazon.

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