5 Appreciation Friday

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Here is a dose of "5-Appreciation Friday," a brief-ish list of what I'm appreciating this week. #5AppreciationFriday 1.  What I'm appreciating about myself - I am appreciating that I am diving into the work of self-appreciation around shame.  It's one of my life lessons according to my good friend and hand analyst Pamelah Landers (who I deeply appreciate as [...]

What’s The Difference Between Self-Love & Self-Appreciation

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By Dawn Nocera Have you ever stopped to think about the difference between self-love and self-appreciation?  It came up a couple of times over the past two weeks and I thought it would be a good idea to share the subtle differences in today's article.   I was having my favorite breakfast (2 eggs with sliced [...]

Stop Trying To Figure This Out

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Dearest Luminary Entrepreneur,  The hardest thing you'll ever do is to stop trying to fix it. (whatever "it" is.) There is nothing to fix, or figure out. Your expansion and alignment come from being at peace with where you are. Feel yourself feel those feelings. Transmute the thoughts of "I should be farther along than this!" to [...]