Appreciation and Gratitude are Different Vibrational States

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This week I started a brand new 30 Day Self-Appreciation Intensive with a group of 16 women. It is perfect, and intimate and raw, and instead of focusing on gratitude we are all posting what we appreciate about ourselves on a secret private Facebook group. The magic I bring is my willingness to co-create with the energy [...]

5 Appreciation Friday

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Here is a dose of "5-Appreciation Friday," a brief-ish list of what I'm appreciating this week. #5AppreciationFriday 1.  What I'm appreciating about myself - I am appreciating that I am diving into the work of self-appreciation around shame.  It's one of my life lessons according to my good friend and hand analyst Pamelah Landers (who I deeply appreciate as [...]

Doesn’t Appreciating What You Don’t Want Attract More Of It?

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Dawn, I'm sure I've asked you this before. But doesn't appreciating yourself or appreciating anything that is circumstantially not what you want by the law of attraction drawing more of that what you don't want to you? I thought it would be helpful to break down my experience of how self-appreciation and the law of attraction [...]

What is the purpose of self-appreciation?

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I'm often asked, what is the purpose or the 'goal' of self-appreciation, as if appreciating ourselves wasn't a meaningful enough goal.   When I first started receiving my marching orders, "Appreciate yourself, there is nothing else in the world you need to do,"  It felt like a relief to focus all of my attention on me for [...]

Giving Thanks & Appreciating You

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I'm feeling deep appreciation and gratitude for the people in my life. I am the most blessed person on earth to be surrounded by people who appreciate & use the gifts and talents they have and are making a difference in the lives of others in their families, in their work, in their communities. I appreciate [...]

Self-Appreciation And The Law Of Attraction

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For years I taught a weekly Law of Attraction workshop and we practiced ‘gratitude as a way to set our vibration to attract more of what we want in our lives.  Since then, I’ve found that gratitude misses the mark for me and I practiced gratitude consistently for 10 years. Here is why... Gratitude says, “Thanks [...]

How To Handle The Monday Morning Blues

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One of my luminary clients who works in a government agency asked me how to use self-appreciation to help her feel better about Mondays.  She was struggling with the day-to-day of a very challenging work life while she is creating the life of her dreams.   I asked her what part of the day was the [...]

777 Reasons To Do The Work Of Self-Appreciation

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"The beauty of actually doing the work of self-appreciation is it keeps you in the present moment, breathing and appreciating yourself right were you are."    "Self-Appreciation helps you stay mindful of the present moment."   Mindfulness is such a powerful tool for living.  The first time I discovered the power of mindfulness was at a [...]

Too Much Inspiration

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It's been a few months it seems since I've felt the creative impulse to post something that might help you in living your luminary life.  And today I was given an inspiring, fun, and overwhelming blog writing assignment from my spiritual team.  And I'm not sure it is possible.    So I did what has become a [...]

Mothering Your Business

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Happy Mother's Day! You don't have to be a mother to celebrate mother's day.   If you are an entrepreneur you've most likely birthed business or a project or two.   There are similarities and there are vast differences between birthing a child and birthing a business.  However, if you've ever put all of your life force [...]